How To Organize Puzzles

mesh bags

I hope I’m not the only one who has the problem of organizing puzzles!  If you’re wondering how to organize puzzles, I have a solution!

My boys love puzzles but one problem we have are the flimsy boxes the puzzles come in!  They don’t stand a chance against my boys!

So what’s an organized frenzied mommy to do?

I have found that mesh or laundry bags are the best way to organize puzzles.

I was able to go from this:

puzzle boxes


to this:

organize puzzles

To make things easier, we cut off the part of the puzzle cardboard box that has the puzzle name and completed picture so we still have that as a guide.

These are the puzzles I bought-you get 8 bags for only $9.99!

 B&E Home Essential Laundry Mesh Wash Bag Set (Small * 2, Medium * 2, Large * 2, Bra Wash Bag * 2) – Set of 8

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