New Real Medleys, Granola & Yogurt Blend

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Quaker® Real Medleys® Yogurt Cups are Crunchy. Cool. Yum. I’ve had nothing like this before, and have to say I love the convenience of this snack. Just add cold milk, stir, and eat!


I love trying out new products, and I found Quaker® Real Medleys® Yogurt Cups to be satisfying and delicious. The fact that it is the first shelf-stable convergence of granola, fruit and yogurt in a single serve cup–well, that wasn’t lost on me. And the yogurt cups are super simple to prepare. Really, all that is required is opening it up, filling with cold milk to the line in the cup, stirring it up and then letting it sit for two minutes before you can scoop up a bite full with your spoon and enjoy.


With a delicious blend of yogurt and multi-grain granola with real fruit and crunchy nuts, this snack has it all. It really doesn’t need anything extra AT ALL. But, if you’re like me and you like to pile extra ingredients onto a yogurt parfait, there can’t be anything wrong with that, can there? We’re talking blueberries added to the top and freezing these delights into popsicles… because, after all–a frozen treat in the summer is quite nice.

It’s quite easy to make these popsicles, and only takes a couple steps:

1) First, put some blueberries into your popsicle forms.

2) Pour in your stirred and thickened Quaker® Real Medleys® Yogurt.

3) Use a straw, butter knife or some other long object and poke into yogurt in the popsicle form to get out any air pockets and to distribute yogurt throughout.

4) Freeze.

5) Serve and enjoy! Yum!


The rest of the time, I think I’ll be enjoying my Quaker Real Medleys Yogurt Cups as is, no dressing up required. I’m imaging a perfectly quick back to school breakfast for yours truly, while I’m rushing around trying to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything as I try to get the kids off to school. With a satisfying 25 grams of whole grains and 10 grams of protein with 1/2 cup of cold Skim Milk, this is just the amount of breakfast I’m looking for most days.


I found this yummy product while I was shopping at Walmart on a recent shopping trip.


Try the product yourself at the upcoming Quaker Real Medleys demos happening 8/13 -8/16 at Walmart. See if your store is on the list: Quaker August Store Demo List

Download the Blippar app from your Apple or Android store to scan your package and receive information tutorials on Quaker® Real Medleys® Yogurt Cups. Show some


You can find more great ways to enjoy Quaker® Real Medleys® Yogurt Cups on Facebook, @Quaker on Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Be sure to check out more delicious recipes with Quaker Real Medleys Yogurt Cups at I’d love to hear your favorite!

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DIY Dining Room Hutch Make-Over

hutch collage

I have wanted a hutch since we got married 10 years ago, but refused to pay the average price of $1200. My goal price for finding a used one was $200 so when this one popped up on Craig’s List for $150, I was thrilled!


I knew I would need to paint it and change out the hardware, but I loved the size and style of it so much, I was willing to take on my first furniture re-do!

After some cleaning, this is what I started with.

hutch untouched


I did a lot of research and took advice from crafty friends, and decided to skip the stripping and sanding of the hutch and just purchase some Annie Sloan paint.  Online craft sites (and my friends) assured me there was hard labor involved using this paint.  I just had to test it out for myself!

The closest place to my home to get this paint is Delightful Digs.  I headed on over and the ladies were so helpful showing me the different colors, examples, styles they had in the store. I decided on the white paint and also picked up some wax. The total was around $60…the most I’ve ever paid for paint. But they assured me it was worth it and would be a relatively painless process.  They also made sure to tell me to call with any questions.  A+ service for sure!

I went home and got to work on painting the hutch.  My husband had already taken off the top doors for me. We were unable to take off the bottom doors since the hardware was stripped and old. Dealing with the hardware was actually the hardest part of the whole process!

After my first coat of paint I was thinking, “This DOES not look like the pictures on Pinterest!”.

FullSizeRender (10)

But I kept the faith and kept painting.  When I was done with the second coat of paint, I started feeling a little more confident.I had read online to water down the paint a bit to make it last longer and I think if I had not done that, the piece would have only taken 2 coats. However, since I did add the water, I had to do 3 coats.  After the 3rd coat, I used some normal latex paint on the inside.  Why you ask?  I wanted to make the inside “pop” and also match my dining room wall. I was a little worried about using the latex on the Annie Sloan paint, but there were no issues at all!  I was super pleased with the end result.

huth almost

Then came the waxing.  I was very nervous about this process. There were all kinds of techniques I found online and I decided to just grab an old t-shirt, and get to work.  It went on easily and was super easy!  My one piece of advice would be to wear gloves. I had a difficult time washing the excess wax off my fingers. I am still shocked at how easy the whole project ended up being!  Finally we added the doors back on and new hardware. I couldn’t be more happy with the final product!  Redoing this hutch took me a week but that’s because I only had small amounts of time to work on it each day. If I had one entire day of no interruptions, I could have easily have finished it in one day.  The Annie Sloan paint dries incredibly fast so you don’t have to wait very long to apply second coats.

finished hutch 1


All in all, I spent about $100 on paint and hardware making the total cost of my new hutch only $250!  Now my only problem is figuring out what I will paint next!

My Harris Teeter Super Doubles Shopping Trip

ht shop


So I was among the many shoppers this morning who woke up super early to get my Harris Teeter Shopping Trip done before all the goodies were gone!

Here is the breakdown:

(2) So Delicious Creamer=FREE ($1.00 off ONE (1) So Delicious Dairy Free Product)
(1) Arnold Bread=FREE
(2) Band-Aids=50 cents each ( $1.50 off any two BAND-AID First Aid products_
(1) Seventh Generation Dish Soap=50 cents ($1.00 off one (1) Seventh Generation Dish Soap)
(1) Pine Brothers Throat Drops=FREE ( $2.00 off Pine Brothers Softish Throat Drops)
(2) Canada Dry 2 Liters=50 cents each
(1) Classico Pasta Sauce=FREE
(1) Old Spice Shampoo=49 cents (now there is a new evic coupon making this a freebie)
(1) Dole Squish ’ems=FREE
(1) Seeds of Change=29 cents
(1) Minute Maid Rice=67 cents
(1) Got2Be Gel=99 cents
(3) YoCrunch Cereal Yogurts=33 cents each
(2) Quaker Oatmeal Cups=50 cents each

Total Before Coupons=$55.84

Total After Vic sales and coupons=$8.44

I could have had a cheaper trip but I passed by some of the less than healthy freebies so that I could grab things that were staples for our household.

Get all the deals from my lists here:

Harris Teeter Coupon Match Ups Sales Ad

Harris Teeter Coupon Match Ups-Regular Prices

How did you do?

My Harris Teeter Super Doubles Shopping Trip!

ht shop

I had a GREAT shopping trip this morning at Harris Teeter Super Doubles!

Here’s the breakdown:

Domino Pourable Light Brown Sugar=FREE
Liberte Yogurt=FREE –>print this coupon
Motts Applesauce=79 cents
Jif Hazelnut Spread=FREE
GoGo Squeeze Apple Sauce=2 FREE
Old El Paso Dinner Kit=FREE–>print this coupon
Dole Smoothie Shakers=3 FREE–>print this coupon
Johnsonville Sausage=FREE–>print this coupon
Pampers Easy Up Trainers=$2.99–>print this coupon
Fiber One Bars=63 cents–>print this coupon
Nature Valley Bars=63 cents–>print this coupon
Trix Cereal=5 cents–>print this coupon
Mulit-Grain Cheerios=25 cents–>print this coupon
Swiffer Duster Starter Kit=FREE–>print this coupon

Total before coupons and VIC savings=$72.60

Total After coupons and VIC savings=$4.25 (before tax)

Don’t miss the rest of the Harris Teeter Super Doubles Coupon Match Ups!

How did you do???? I would LOVE to share your shopping trips!  Send me pics and breakdowns to




My Harris Teeter Super Doubles Shopping Trip

Harris teeter super doubles marchI realize this picture of my trip to Harris Teeter Super Doubles is not the most clear but since my husband has already taken some of it to work with him, K can’t retake it!  At any rate, I had a GREAT trip this morning!

Get your Harris Teeter Super Doubles Coupon Matchups-Sales Ad HERE and your Harris Teeter Super Doubles Coupon Matchups-Regular Prices HERE

Here is a breakdown:

So Delicious Creamer=2 FREE using : $1.00 off ONE (1) So Delicious Dairy Free Product
Iams Cat Food=6 FREE using $2.00 off THREE Wet IAMS Cat Food
Mitchum Deodorant=2 FREE
Oscar Mayer P3 Protein=1 FREE
Hormel Rev Wraps=67 cent each using $1.00 off 2 HORMEL REV Wraps
Tampax Pearl=1 FREE
Vidal Sassoon Shampoo=1 FREE
Benacol Spread=1 FREE
Yoplait Blended Yogurt=33 Cents each
Hershey’s Spread=1 FREE
Fruit Crisp=59 cents
Tabasco=67 cents using $0.50 off any pepper sauce flavor TABASCO brand
Quaker Granola=FREE
L’eggs Stockings=99 cents using  $2.00 off any Regular priced L’eggs Product
Reeses Peanut Butter Cups=32 cents each

Total before coupons: $69.98
Total after coupon: $4.16
Total Saved: $65.82


My Harris Teeter Triples Shopping Trip

harris teeter triples

So I did pretty well this week at Harris Teeter Triple Coupons! I was happy because I got a lot for us and even a couple of things to give away!

Using my Harris Teeter Triple coupon list and printable coupons (only) here is what I scored:

Nature’s Own Bread (2) Free
Kraft Fresh Take (2) Free
Progresso Soup (4) Free
Tabasco (1) Free
Honey Nut Cheerios (2)
Green Giant Frozen Veggies (3)
Old El Paso Products (3)
Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks (2)
Minute Rice (2)
Chobani Yogurt (1)
Raspberries (1)

Total Spent:  $3.50
Total Saved:  Over $55!

My Harris Teeter Super Doubles Shopping Trip

harr teeter sd

The last weeks of shopping have gotten me in a nice couponing mode!

Here is my Harris Teeter Super Doubles Shopping Trip from yesterday.  I had a really nice trip and am super excited I was able to score great prices on some pretty healthy items like yogurt, granola, and frozen broccoli!

Birds Eye Steamfresh Broccoli=4/$1.36
Vlasic Pickles=FREE
Sunlight Dish Detergent=2 for FREE
Zevia Soda=2 for FREE
Kens Dressing=4/$2.96
Hefty Slider Bags=2/$0.96
Yopa Yogurt=(2) 4pks /$0.98
Werther’s Candy=49 cents
Bear Naked Granola=2/$0.98
Soft Scrub=69 cents
Suddenly Salad=2/$1
Yoplait Greek Yogurt=5/$3
Final=$13.38 (just over $12 before taxes)
Total Saved=$72.25


How did you do?!


My Harris Teeter Super Doubles Shopping Trip-Savings Over $70!

harris teeter shopping

I had a GREAT shopping trip this morning at Harris Teeter Super Doubles-I was really excited to pick up items that can be used all over the house!

You can grab the same deals by checking out the following lists:

Harris Teeter Super Doubles-Regular Prices

Harris Teeter Super Doubles-Sales Ad

Here’s what I scored:

Wet n’ Wild nail polish-FREE
Bear Naked Granola (2)-FREE
Sambazon Drink (2)-FREE
Gluten Free Crackers-FREE
Hormel Compleat Meal-FREE
Loreal Shampoo (2) FREE
Hinode Ready Rice Cups (2)-FREE
Almay Make Up Removers (2)-FREE
Smuckers Ice Cream Toppings (2) FREE
Hawaiian Punch Aloha Drink-59 cents
Fig Newtons Thins-14 cents
Fig Newtons-14 cents
Windex Touch Up Cleaner-59 cents
Werther’s Candy-FREE
Febreze Air Effects-39 cents

Total Spent (after taxes) $2.13
Total Saved:  $76.85!!

My Harris Teeter Super Doubles Shopping Trip

As you  may know, Harris Teeter is starting the year off with a Super Doubles Event!  You can score some great deals and above is a picture of my trip this morning!  It’s not the best image but I snapped it real fast while filming my segment on WGNT!

You can view the complete rundown of my trip on but here are the totals for you and the printable coupons I used to score the deals!

Total Spent:  $12.27 (but I received a $1 CAT for buying the two Classico so in coupon math I really only spent $11.27).
Total Savings:  $58.82!

Printable Coupons Used:

$0.30 off ONE CUP Yoplait Simplait™ Yogurt
$0.60 off 3 Old El Paso products
$1.00 off One (1) Soft Scrub Cleanser
$1.00 off KRAFT FRESH TAKE Cheese & Breadcrumb Mix
$2.00 off Adult LISTERINE Mouthwash 1L or larger
$1.00 off REACH Floss or REACH ACCESS Flosser

$0.30 off ONE CUP Yoplait Simplait™ Yogurt
$0.60 off 3 Old El Paso products
$1.00 off One (1) Soft Scrub Cleanser
$1.00 off KRAFT FRESH TAKE Cheese & Breadcrumb Mix
$2.00 off Adult LISTERINE Mouthwash 1L or larger
$1.00 off REACH Floss or REACH ACCESS Flosser

My Harris Teeter Super Doubles Shopping Trip 9/12

I had a great trip at Harris Teeter’s Super Doubles coupon event this morning!

Grab all Harris Teeter Super Doubles coupon matchups and let me know how much you saved!

Here’s the lowdown on my trip:

2 Ken’s Dressing =$1.28
2 Ken’s Marinade=FREE
2 Silk Fruit & Protein=FREE
Cookie Crisp=77 cents
2 Cheerios=$1.54
Stayfree Pads=FREE
2 Gerber Grabbers=$0.30
2 Gerber Organic Pouch=FREE
2 Pure Protein Bars=FREE
Hormel Compleat=FREE
2 Hershey’s Simple Pleasures=$0.30
2 Puff’s Tissues=$1.58
2 Wacky Mac=FREE
2 Glade Air Fresheners=FREE

Total Spent after tax:  $10.04
Total Saved from VIC and coupons=$54.23

As you can see, one of my coupons did not scan and double so my total was higher than it should be. I was in a BIG rush this morning trying to get to the news station and did not have time to double check until it was too late.  Unfortunately this will just have to be a lesson learned. :(  I am still very happy with my savings.

My Harris Teeter Super Doubles Trip #2

I decided to hit Harris Teeter’s Super Doubles again since I knew my local stores had gotten their trucks to restock.  Unfortunately, the Keri Lotion still hasn’t been restocked but I will try one more time before the sale ends.

8 Ziploc Bags-$0.49 each
2 Travel Wet Ones=FREE
Haribo Bears=$0.75
2 Milky Way Bars=FREE
2 Listerine=$0.89 each
KC Masterpiece BBQ=FREE (used rainchecks)
2 Sambazon Juice=FREE
Smuckers Preserves=$1
Tampax Pearl=$0.49

Total Spent=$7.94
Total Saved=$53.72

Harris Teeter Super Doubles Trip-75% Saved!

I did ok at Harris Teeter this morning.  I couldn’t believe the Bic pens were already gone at 6:45 am!  I will be hitting the store later this week after they get a truck to get some other deals and my fresh fruit/veggies for the week. 

See my list of matchups HERE!

Items Bought:
2 Hamburger Helper
2 Chicken Helper
3 Welch’s Grape Jelly
2 Tortilla Stuffers
1 Goldfish Grahams
1 Soft Scrub Cleaner
2 Pillsbury Sweet Moments (I know-but they look so good!)
1 BestLife Butter Spread
1 LA Looks Gel
1 HT Whole Wheat Tortillas

Total Spent:  $11.93
Total Saved:  $35.22 or 75%
Plus I earned $1.50 from the Hamburger Helper Catalina deal!

My Farm Fresh Super Doubles Shopping Trip

I had a great trip to Farm Fresh this morning for their big coupon event.  My Out Of Pocket was a bit high, but I got 2 packs of diapers and I got $9 back in CATs for my next shopping trip!  Visit here for the matchups!

2 V-8 Fusion
2 Jumbo Packs of Huggies
2 Crest Toothpaste
2 Nature Valley Granola Thins
2 Honey Nut Cheerios
2 Hienz Vinegar
1 Bounty Napkin
1 Mueller Pasta

Total Out of Pocket=$12.66
Total Saved=$36.48
Total CATs for next shopping trip=$9

So it’s like I spent $3.66!

My Harris Teeter Super Doubles Shopping Trip 6/22

I did pretty well this morning.  I had a bit more out of pocket than normal but there were certain items I wanted or needed that weren’t on the list of “freebies”  such as the veggies and baby food. :)

You can use my list here to see the complete list of freebies and items under $1 HERE.

(2)Johnsonville Chicken Sausage-$0.99 each
Bailey’s Coffee Creamer-$0.14
(2) BBQ Sauces-$0.50 for both
(2) Hefty One Zip-$0.89 for both
Gain Dish Soap-Free
(2) Hormel Compleat Kids-both Free
Resolve Stain Remover-$0.15
Grey Poupon-$0.50
(2) Hidden Valley Ranch Salad Kits-Both Free
(2) Mini-Wheats-$2 for both
Yoplait Smoothie-$0.99
Sara Lee Pound Cake-$0.99
(10) Earth Best Organic Baby Food-$3 for all 10
2 Yellow Squash and 2 zucchini-$2.63

Total Paid: $13.65 including tax
Total Savings:$66.77 or 83% savings!