My Harris Teeter Triples and Farm Fresh Shopping Trips

As I posted on Facebook this morning, Harris Teeter was nuts today!  Usually there is one, maybe 2 other couponers on special event days but this morning there were a ton!  I actually had to wait in line to check out at 7:01!  See my matchups HERE!

Harris Teeter:

I picked up a few other needed items without coupons but for the items pictured above I spent $5.51 and saved $34.52! 

Farm Fresh:

For these items I spent $3.48 and saved $15 or 81%!  See Farm Fresh matchups HERE.

My Harris Teeter Super Doubles Shopping Trip 4/27

Here’s what I picked up during my first trip to Harris Teeter this week for their Super Doubles List.  I was really happy with the trip!  I got all of the following for only $3.50! See my matchups HERE

5 Aunt Jemima Waffles
Minute Brown Rice Steamer
3 Steamfresh Frozen Veggies
Rhodes Frozen Rolls
Best Life Butter Spread
2 Baileys Coffee Creamer
2 Land o Lakes Margarine
4 Muellers Elbow Macaroni
Stayfree Pads
French’s Dijon Mustard
2 Deer Park 1 Liter Waters
Lysol Toilet Cleaner
Maruchan Yakisota
2 Orbit Gum

My Harris Teeter Super Doubles Trip

It was a pretty good trip this morning and I got to interact with 2 readers!  See my Harris Teeter Super Doubles Matchups HERE! I got all of the following for $5.62 including tax!

Hidden Valley Salad Kit
McCormick Parsley
Furmano’s Tomatoes
Uncle Ben’s Rice
2 Dannon Danimals
2 Dannon
Butter Spread
2 Rhodes Rolls
Ms. T Pierogies
2 Tony’s Pizza
Gain Dish Detergent
Kruncher’s Chips
Lysol Toilet bowl Cleaner
Lysol All Purpose Cleaner
2 Lemons

My Rite Aid Trip-10 Items for $3.15!

I was very happy with this trip!  Thanks to Rite Aid’s +UP rewards program and coupons, I was able to get everything in the picture above for only $3.15!  I saved over $50.75!!!

 It took 4 transactions which lead to a line forming behind me but it was well worth the dirty looks I got leaving the store!

1 Sucrets $2.99
1 Carefree Liners $0.99
2 Desitin $2.99 each
-$1 Desitin coupon
-$1 Desitin coupon
-$1 Carefree coupon
-$1.50 Sucrets Coupon
-$5 Rite Aid coupons previously earned
Total=$0.46 Out of Pocket (OOP)+ I earned $6 +UP rewards (moneymaker)

Transaction #2
1 Huggies Diapers $8.99
1 Johnson and Johnson Baby Wash $2.99
-$1 J&J coupon
-$3 Huggies coupon (mailed to my house)
-$6 +UP from transaction #1
-$1 Rite Aid video values coupon
Total=$0.98 OOP +I earned $4 +UP (moneymaker)

1 Desitin $2.99
1 J&J Baby Wash $2.99
1 Valentine candy bo (filler) $0.74
-$1 J&J coupon
-$1 Desitin coupon
-$4 +UP
Final=$0.72 OOP+ I earned $4 +UP (moneymaker)

1 Huggies Training Pants $8.99
-$2 Huggies coupon (mailer)
-$4 +UP rewards
Final=$2.99 OOP + I earned $2 +UP

Total amount OOP=$5.15 – $2 UP earned for future purchase=$3.15!

Harris Teeter Super Doubles Shopping Trip

Here is my Harris Teeter Super Doubles shopping trip!  My trip wasn’t outstanding, but I was pleased with it.  It was my first real couponing trip since the baby came. :)  You can view all of my matchups HERE.

French Spicy Mustard=$0.29
Quaker Oatmeal=$0.65
2 Best Life Spread=$0.54×2
Simply Lemonade=$0.50
Rhodes Rolls=$0.25
Uncle Ben’s Rice=$2
Saved=$32.54 with coupons and VIC discounts!
Edwards Singles=FREE
3 Green Giant Veggies=$1.80
7th Generation Tissues=FREE
Reach Floss=FREE

Freebie and Social Friday 12/31

Happy New Years!  You can check out my New Year’s Goal/Resolution post HERE and learn more about my newest giveaway event!
Every Friday I post all of the freebies and great coupons I have found for the week (and quite a bit new ones!). I also participate in a bit of PR with other blogs. For those of you visiting who would like to keep up with all of the deals, coupons, freebies, and giveaways that I post, follow me on google (on the right side bar of the page), “Like” me on Facebook HERE or Twitter HERE

Free Atkins Diet Kit
Free Pie Guide from All You Magazine
Free Chick-fil-a Spicy Chicken Biscuit
Free Arby’s Jr. Shake
Free Excedrin
Free Sample of Emergen C Blue
Free Travel Bath and Body Works Signature Item with any purchase
Yoplait Yogurt Offer
Free Gucci Guilty Perfume Sample
Free Sample of Purina
Free Shout Sample
Free Sample of HydroPeptide Anti-aging Serum
BOGO Vitamin Water Coupon
Old Navy Coupons
JC Penney Coupons
BOGO Genesis Coupon
$10 off of $40 Purchase at Bath and Body Works
$5 Snapfish Credit
$1 off Wet Ones Wipes
$2 off Tribe Hummus
$0.50 off Bisquick
$1/2 Hershey’s Syrup (will work great for Harris Teeter super doubles this upcoming week!)
50% off Pet Care Prescriptions
$1 off Mrs. Butterworth’s Syrup
$1 off Eucerin Lotions


My Harris Teeter Super Doubles Shopping Trip

Ok, I got all of the above for only $10.96!  See my matchups HERE and HERE.

It breaks down like this:
Harris Teeter Milk:  On sale: $2.79 (I will be going back before the week is over)
Green Grapes:  On sale for 99 cents a pound:  $2.04
Best Life Butter Spread:  35 cents
Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice:  15 cents
Kotex Pantilinere:  both FREE
Colgate Toothpaste:  25 cents
Rhodes Dinner Rolls:  25 cents
Reynold’s Wrapper Sheets:  49 cents
Gum Toothbrush:  FREE
Splenda Sticks:  89 cents
Bayer Chewable: 99 cents
LaCross Nail File:  49 cents
Sure Deodarant:  79 cents
Bounty Napkins: 19 cents

Total saved:  $38.04!


Farm Fresh and Harris Teeter Shopping Trips 8/4

Total Out Of Pocket (OOP)=$37.47 or $27.47 depending on how you view it.

I did pretty good today!  The total amount out of pocket was definitely not my lowest but I saved a total of $45.22 (or $55.22 depending on how you view it, see details below)at Harris Teeter and $14.68 at Farm Fresh; both amounts of savings were more than I spent so that’s a good shopping day for me.  The picture above is a combination of both stores and breaks down like this:

Farm Fresh (get matchups HERE)
Pepperidge Farms Cookies-$1.99-$0.60 coupon=79 cents
Pepperidge Farms Cookies-$1.99-$0.75 coupon=49 cents
All Detergent-$3.99-$1 coupon=$1.99 AND this earned me a
Snuggle Dryer Sheet=-FREE
Grands Tortilla Chips-$2-$1 coupon=FREE
Activia Yogurt 4 pk-$2-$1 coupon =FREE
Dannon LF Yogurt X 2=$4-$1 coupon=$2
Total OOP:  $9.17 after tax
Total saved $14.68=63% savings!

Harris Teeter (get matchups HERE)
Pampers Wipes-$3.49-$2 Catalina coupon=$1.49
Pampers Swaddlers-$6.97-$3 catalina coupon=$3.97!!
Raisin Bran-$1.93X2=$3.86-$1 coupon=$2.86 for 2
Special K-$1.74X2=$3.48-$1 coupon=$2.48 for 2
PopTarts-$1.09X2=$2.18-$1 coupon=$1.18 for 2
Rice Krispies-$1.87
NutriGrain Bars-$1.77-$1 coupon=77 cents
Smacks Cereal-$1.59
Corn Pops-$1.59
Peter Pan X2=$3.34-60 cent coupon=$2.14 for 2
4 peaches=$1.01
Frumano Tomatoes X2=$2.18
Land o Lakes ButterX2=$2.25-50 cent coupon=$1.25 for 2
Yoplait YogurtX10=$5-40 cent coupon=$4.20
I also had another $1 coupon when buying 3 cereals
Total OOP=$28.30
**BUT I got a $10 off my next shopping trip catalina coupon for buying 10 Kellogg’s products
so really you could say my total was only $18.30!
Total saved after coupons, sales, and catalina=$55.22!


Tuesday's Trips-Linkup Party 7/20

The Coupon Challenge

Welcome to our Second Edition of Tuesday’s Trips Linkup hosted by Momondealz and The Coupon Challenge! The purpose of this linkup is for you to share any great bargains or shopping trips you have found/had this week. The trips can be grocery stores, drug stores, yard sales, etc. Anything that made you feel that you got an awesome bargain!  Bloggers, please link up. If your not a blogger, please leave a comment about a great deal you have found this week!

My trip this week was at Kid to Kid, a local consignment shop in Virginia Beach.  The store is moving so they are having a 50% sale, off of anything in the store.  I was able to get quite a bit for only $19.43! The Melissa and Doug puzzle was brand new, as well as the Old Navy shoes and the “Word” spinner toy. 


Great Deals at Michaels!

Just thought I’d let you know that we while making a quick stop to Michael’s tonight, I found some great sales and clearance items!  They had TONS of items for $1 such as beach pails with shovels, drink coozies, kids flip flops, stationary and stamping items, and soooo much more.  I personally went in for the 3 for $1 ribbon ( for a personal project you will be seeing shortly!).  For you teachers out there, they also had a little section set up for you in the front containing classroom and bulletin board decorations reasonably priced (of course you can get loads of bullentin boards set, stickers, etc at the Dollar Tree right now too)!


Rite Aid and Walgreens Shopping Trips 6/15/10

Ok, despite a very uncooperative toddler who thought it was the funniest thing ever to throw items out of the cart as we went through the store, I had 2 pretty successful shopping trips today!  I had to do 2 transactions at each store so it may seem a bit confusing but I tried to make it as clear as possible.

Rite Aid Trip

Total out of pocket after sales and coupons from my list HERE:  $26.18 (seems high I know but still had great savings and keep in mind the picture has 79 diapers, 4 body washes, sunblock, bayer, and a razor).  However, after rebates and +UP rewards, I really got it all for $9.18.  It took 2 transactions and breaks down like this:

Transaction #1
Total before sales and coupons:  $47.44
Total Sales from Wellness program:  $13.60
Total Coupons used:  $22.98
-$5 off of $20 purchase
-BOGO Old Spice Body Wash coupon from PG 6/6 (value was $2.99)
-$4 Proglide Razor coupon from PG 6/6
-$1 in ad coupon for Bayer
-$1 Bayer coupon from SS 3/21
-BOGO Gillette Body Wash coupon from PG 6/6 (values was $2.99)
-$3 Rite Aid values Coppertone coupon
-$3 Huggies Coupon HERE
Total Rebates: $9.99

I then did a second transaction for the Mega Pack of Pampers diapers.  They were on clearance from $17.99 to $8.99.  I used $2 of the +UP rewards (those were the only ones eligible) and the $1.50 Pampers coupon from PG 6/6 so I paid $5.94 out of pocket but my receipt printed out more +UP rewards worth $2 so it’s like I paid $3.94 for 52 diapers!

Walgreens Trip

I got the above for $7.23 (picture is missing 2 packs of candy, husband ate one, other is around the house somewhere). I also had to complete 2 transactions for this deal.

Transaction #1
Schick Razor:  $7.99
-$5 coupon from SS 6/14
Total after taxes:  $3.39
I received $4 Register Rewards for this purchase so really I made $0.61!  I will also submit this for the mail in rebate from Schick so I really I made $8.60 on this!

Transaction #2
Cottonelle toilet paper $5.99
2 packs of Mike and Ike Candy (not pictured) 2 for $2
-$0.50 coupon
-$4 Register Rewards from transaction #1
Total after taxes:  $3.84

So, total out of pocket was $7.23 but since I will be getting the mail in Schick rebate, I will still end up making 76 cents!

Farm Fresh Trip 6/9/10

Above is what I got at Farm Fresh today.  Using the coupon match-ups HERE, I was able to save 40%!  I would have done even better but they were out of the Honey Nut Cheerios (at 11am!) and I needed some things (carrots, squash, and zucchini) which were on sale but I had no coupons for those items.  I got all of the above for only $22.12 out of pocket.  To make the deal even better, EACH bottle of detergent had a coupon booklet attached which contained $4 additional Arm and Hammer coupons. So…if you subtract those from the total, you could say I only spent $6.12!


My Harris Teeter Shopping Trip/Wordful Wednesday

I have linked up with sevenclowncircus for Wordful Wednesday. This is where bloggers showcase a photo that they love so much that they can’t keep their mouths shut about it. Here’s my photo above and my mouthful below…for free. :)
Above is a picture of my best shopping trip to date!  I got all of the above for only 43 cents!  Thanks to Harris Teeter Triple Coupons this week, my deal matchups HERE, and a computer glitch, I got an awesome deal!  Without the computer glitch I had estimated my trip would be around $8 (I needed the milk for $2.99 and didn’t have a coupon).  Let me explain the computer glitch:  Everytime Harris Teeter does triple coupons there is almost always some sort of glitch first thing in the morning.  This morning some of the coupons were tripling and some were only doubling.  The cashier put aside the ones that were only doubling and called a manager over at the end.  The cashier and I explained the problem to the manager and showed her where they had doubled instead of tripled.  The only thing the manager was able to do was to rescan the coupons, so basically because of the computer, I got some coupons quadrupled!  This was pure luck but I am NOT complaining!  At the end the total was actuall -$1.43 and the manager asked me if I wanted to get a couple of candy bars (hello, I’m pregnant!) since Harris Teeter won’t give you cash back on a purchase.  So, that’s where the 2 Snickers bars came from.  After adding those to my purchase I only paid $0.43! 
On top of a great deal, I also met a really nice fellow couponer.  I love when this happens!  Unfortunately I did not get her name but she too was taking advantage of the early morning shopping hours to leave her kids at home with her husband so she could grab some great bargains for her family!  I look forward to hearing from all of you about your deals so please leave a comment and let all the readers know your totals!