Ask An Accoutant-Return Timing

As we all know, it’s that dreaded time of the year-Tax time!  In honor of tax season, I have a new series called “Ask An Accoutant”.  Send in your tax questions and each week to and I will post the question and give an answer from an experienced accountant. 

Question of the Week:

When will I see the money from my return?


This is probably the most common question from individuals once they have filed their return.  Actually it is an easy question to answer-it varies with each person.  It generally takes 7-14 business days for the money to appear in your account after you have efiled.  You can also check the IRS website HERE to see exactly when yours will be deposited. You will need to input your social security number, filing status, and the exact dollar amount of your return. 

*Please keep in mind this post is for informational purposes only and answers given are very general.  Many things depend on individual circumstances.  Please contact your personal accountant or financial advisor for your particular situation.

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