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Zaycon Foods-Chicken Review!

People are always asking me how to save money on meats and produce.  My answer is usually to look for rock bottom deals and stock up.  Now I have another solution-Zaycon Foods

Zaycon Foods is a company that offers natural meats and produce that can be purchased in bulk.  Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Meat that is 100% natural with no added hormones or additives
  • Amazing customer service!
  • Direct Farm to consumer-you are getting FRESH meat!


I had the chance to review a case of Zaycon’s chicken.  A case of their meat is 40lbs-so I had A LOT of chicken!  The meat was delivered by one of the company’s owners Mike-right to my front door!  The chicken arrived “pre-butcher”, meaning it needed a little bit of cutting and trimming. Lucky for me, my husband is a pro at cutting in the kitchen so he took care of the meat in no time!  Here is a picture of the meat cut and bagged up.

I told you it is A LOT of chicken!

We have used the chicken twice since delivery and have been very impressed both times! The meat is tender and has made the meals even more delicious!  What’s even better is that I know I am providing my family with healthy and natural meals. 

Are you wondering how to get some of this delicious product?  Easy!  Register at Zaycon Foods HERE (making sure to put that Momondealz sent you) and find out where a sales event is happening near you. If there is not one near you now, tell friends, coworkers, and family about Zaycon.  When there is a big enough want in your community, Zaycon will deliver your meat orders right to you and your community!  All you will have to do is pull up to their trucks, pop your trunk, and your order will be put directly in your vehicle.  The whole process will take about 5 minutes!  How great is that?

Remember, to find out more, sign up with Zaycon and don’t forget to put Momondealz on your referral line!

*Disclosure-I received no money for this review but I did get a 40 pound case of chicken in order to complete the review.
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