Zaycon Chicken-I NEED Chicken-Let’s Get Them Back!

I know that many of my readers have taken advantage of the amazing deal on meats from Zaycon Foods. And many of you who haven’t had the chance yet have been waiting for them to come back to Hampton Roads.

So we have waited…..left messages. ……and got nothing.

Until today.

Laura was forwarded an e-mail from a reader who finally heard back from Zaycon that as of right now they have no plans to come back to Hampton Roads. Zaycon hasn’t heard enough from us.

It’s time they hear from us. I NEED my chicken. We have been out of Zaycon chicken for a while now and it’s horrible~store bought chicken doesn’t have the same texture and definitely not the same taste!

So if you are in Hampton Roads and want Zaycon to come back we need to band together and let them know.

Here is what you can do to let them know:

1. Leave a message on the Zaycon Facebook Page. Let them know you are in Hampton Roads and want them back!

2. If you don’t want to use Facebook or you just want to take an additional step you can drop them an e-mail at

3. If you have been waiting to sign up for Zaycon until I told you they were coming to town- DO IT NOW!

Basically we need to show them that if they come back they will make some money!

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