Would You Kill For Your Kids?


Now that’s an interesting title of a post uh?  But think about, REALLY think about it…would you kill for your kid(s)?

This past weekend we attended a BBQ and a guest brought a pet, a really cute, but very hyper dog.  There were 5 young children at the event and the dog had a ball chasing the children.  This was not a problem until he began nipping at them.  Then, faster than we could get to him,  one of those nips became a bite.  A real bite, with real bite holes and real blood-and real tears and screaming.  In the next few seconds, things got a little crazy-with the dog owner grabbing and yelling at the dog, me grabbing my screaming and crying son, the host running to grab bandaids and ointment, and my husband chasing after us inside the house.  In the heat of the moment there may or may not have even been mention of harming the dog.

So the next day, after much peroxide and neosporin (every mom knows how much fun that is) everyone was much more calm.  The doctor had put my son on precautionary antibiotics and I was changing the bandaid on the bite when I got to thinking. How far would I go to protect my children.  Would I harm an animal or person who was actively trying to hurt my child? Could I actually kill for my kids? The answer is absolutely.  No doubt about it.

Am I a law abiding citizen? Absolutely.  Have I always been a “rule follower”?  Pretty much, yep. However, my job as a mom is to love and protect my children and I will do anything in my power to do that job.  Do I hate guns?  Absolutely?  But have I gone and taken training in order to use one to protect my home and family? Absolutely.  Do I love animals?  Yes. But if one is on attack towards my child and my choice is between the animal and my child-that animal is going down.  The term “Mama Bear” seems rather weak for the strength of feelings I have about protecting my children.  Even before becoming a mom, people knew I am the type of  friend and family member who has no fear of protecting and sticking up for the ones I love.  But now that I get called “Mommy”, world watch out-you hurt my children <on purpose> I’m coming  after you!

So, what are your thoughts?  Would you kill for your kids?

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  1. says

    I am absolutely 100% with you! I would have not been happy with that dog nor their owner and probably would not take my children there again.

    There’s nothing wrong with being super mom. :)

  2. says

    You can be willing to kill for your kids (and actually do it) and still remain a law-abiding citizen! 😉 If someone is attempting to harm my children, am I well within my right to do WHATEVER it takes to stop them.

    And when it comes to an animal, there’s no question – if I had to beat it to death with a stick, I would.
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  3. Anna Tew says

    That is a horrible dog owner. I know people like that. They need to learn that their dog is a disaster.

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