Wii Play Motion Review

A couple of weeks ago I let you know about the awesome deal Wii currently has going on to help consumers save money.  Since then I have had the pleasure of reviewing the Wii Play Motion with Black Wii Remote Plus and I just love it!  The wide variety of games included are so much fun and will fit just about everyone’s interests.  Do you think you’ve mastered skipping rocks?  How about making your own soft serve ice cream cone?  You can do these things and more with Wii’s Play Motion games!

These games are sooo much fun and there are 12 of them!  Yes you read that correctly-12!  It starts off allowing you to play 4 games and you are then able to unlock the additional games after success of thse games.  Don’t worry, this only took us less than an hour of playing.  Wii Play Motion retails for $49.99 and also includes a Wii Remote Plus controller-now that’s a great value! The package was just released June 16th so this item should be on all store shelves selling Wii games.  These games provide hours of fun times!  They have definitely entertained my husband and I since getting them a few days ago! 

Wondering what my favorites are?  That’s a really hard question to answer!  Since one of my high school jobs was dipping ice cream, the first game I checked out was Cone Zone and I easily beat my husband by building the tallest ice cream cone!  The next game I tried was Skip Skimmer.  I have never been very good at skipping rocks but I rocked this game!  Of all the games I have to say my favorite is Veggie Guardin’!  Protecting my “garden” from pests by whopping them on the head with my mallet was a real stress reliever!

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  1. brook says

    This looks awesome! The cone game sounds fun! I love that it is something the whole family can play! Thanks for the review!

  2. Gavin's Mom says

    We love the Wii Play motion at our house! It definitely has something for everyone! My 2 year old loves the ice cream scoop game!

  3. Lauren says

    That looks like an awesome game! Definitely a great way to keep kids entertained on rainy summer days!

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