Why You’re Not Invited To My Child’s Birthday Party

If you’re a parent, chances are you’ve thrown a birthday party for your child and been in the situation where you had to limit the guest list.  Birthday parties for our kids are supposed to be a celebration; a joyous event where we are cherishing the past year of our child’s life and wishing and praying for another year of good health and happiness.

Unfortunately for many moms, their child’s birthday party can sometimes be a source of stress-for many reasons.  Where will the party be?  How will we afford the party, food, presents, and favors?  How will we decide who is invited?  Will my child love the party?  Will it be fun for everyone?

I am currently in the planning stages of my children’s party.  We have decided to have a joint party for the boys since their birthdays are only days apart.  I am not sure how long we will be able to “get away” with this tradition, but it certainly makes some aspects a little easier for planning.  But, it does have it’s drawbacks.  Both boys have their own set of friends and with a limit of attendees for the party venue, we have to cut the guest list. This will inevitably hurt some feelings.  I am sure the parents won’t say anything to me, but I am equally sure they will voice their feelings to other parents.

So, here are the top 3 reasons why you’re not invited to my child’s party:

1.  I love my friends, but if my sons can not tell me your child’s name, you’re not invited to the party.
2.  My sons have been in playgroups since they were born.  They have grown up around these kids and have bonded with some more than others.  So even though there are 18 children in his class, he only talks about/plays with 3-4 of them.  Those are the ones I will invite to the party.
3.  We are essentially a one income family.  As much as I would love to invite everyone to the party, we can not afford it.  While my sons’ happiness is very important to us, we will not go into debt for a party.  Having a roof over their heads will make them much happier than a toy truck.

So, the birthday party planning continues and while most of it is fun (for me AND my sons) I will still worry about hurt feelings and whispers behind my back-but I know I am doing what’s best for my child and my family by  limiting who attends the party.  We all have “mommy guilt” over so many issues, do birthday parties really have to be added to the list?  While I feel terrible about not being able to invite everyone, I choose the happiness of my child, not parents who want to question my decision making skills.

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  1. stephanie councill says

    a link you might enjoy to help take the stress out of the birthday party pressures: http://www.thebdayproject.com/

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