What Moving Has Taught Me About Friendship

Saying goodbye to our "old house"

Saying goodbye to our “old house”

I’ve not mentioned it much, but we are in the middle of moving.  Everyone knows moving can be stressful and a pain in the butt, and I totally expected that.  What I didn’t expect was one disaster after another, after another, after another, you get the point.

Allow me to tell you just the major things that have gone wrong (it would be the world’s longest post ever if I told you all the tiny disasters as well).

  • We sold our house in 3 days.  While this is awesome, it was not expected and we had very little time to find a new home.
  • The appraisal came in lower than expected and the buyer’s funding was in question so we thought the deal was dead-then with 10 days left before the scheduled close the money came thru for her and we had 10 (TEN) days to find a new house.
  • We found the new house only to get a pretty bad inspection report and had to rent several storage units.
  • House hunting again with only 4 (FOUR) days left before we had to be out of our “old” house.
  • My grandfather passed away in the middle of the chaos and I had to go out of town for the day.
  • Finally found a new home but we can’t move in for another 8 days so we’ve been “homeless” for the past 2 weeks…fun times with a 2 and 4 year old…but this leads to me to what moving has taught me about friendship.


My kids surfing away their stress on a playdate with great friends.

My kids surfing away their stress on a play date with great friends.

We’ve been undeniably blessed by friends in the last couple of weeks.  We’ve had friends calling, texting, and emailing to make sure we’re ok and to see what we may need.  We had friends allow us to stay at their house for an entire week while they were out of town, we’ve had family house the kids and I the past week while more friends have allowed my husband to stay in town with them so he can work…and for next week yet another friend has found us an apartment to stay in.  Bottom line, our friends ROCK!

With these experiences and generous offers I’ve truly learned who our friends are.  I’ve been blown away by niceness from most.  Seeing the way that most have really stepped in to help has restored my faith in people and it’s helped me create a list of what friendship is…

Friendship is opening your home, your beds, your family time to others.

Friendship is a hug, a kind word, and a simple “I’m sorry you are going thru this”.

Friendship is asking “How are things?” not because you want to hear the long answer, but because you know your friend needs to vent.

Friendship is offering your friend whatever you are capable of…knowing that a simple cocktail can sometimes help!

Friendship is saying, “Bring your kids over here so you can get things done, better yet, tell me where you are and let me pick them up.”

Friendship is taking the time and energy to help you brainstorm solutions to your problems.

Friendship is not saying “I told you this would suck”.

To those who are reading this that are my friends-and who have helped in whatever way you know how-THANK YOU!  Please know I am always here for you and your family and although I know you don’t expect payback, I will find a way to show my thanks when this mess is over!  To those of you who don’t know me personally, but who may have a friend going thru a rough time-please take the time to offer them help-remember it only needs to be as simple as a hug.  Don’t you want the same when you find yourself needing  a friend?

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