Ways To Save During Government Shutdown/Furlough


We can pretty much all agree that things in Washington are a hot mess.  I don’t ever get political on the site, but things are really just ridiculous!  Living in a military community, I know far too many families being affected by the disgrace that is happening.  The only way I can think to help these families is to offer a few ways to save money during a government shutdown/furlough.

1.  Create A Budget On Your Reduced Income:  Budgets are not fun but they are necessary.  I have a few tips on my budgeting page that can help you get started.

2.  Cut/Trim the Budget:  This is the “no fun” part but also necessary.  Cut out any unneeded expense such as eating out, gym, cable, etc.  As sad as this can be, just remember this step does not need to be permanent. You can always add back these “luxury items” when income increases.

3.  Save on Groceries:  Use coupons and store matchups to save BIG money on groceries.  You can snag coupons here, here, here, and here.

4.  Menu Planning:  Create a menu and stick to it.  Use your stockpile, sale ads, and remember to include leftovers at least once a week! I’ve got an entire Menu Plan Monday series that can help you come up with easy and frugal recipes here.

5.  Make Extra Money: There are a variety of ways to make money at home. You can complete surveys, have yard sales, and even sell homemade items.  I have 2 friends that make a nice supplemental income from selling homemade items.  I’ve often considered selling my diaper cakes for a little extra cash.  Also, don’t forget about creating a change jar.  Spare change can really add up!

What are your favorite ways to save?

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