Wasted Time Is Wasted Money


The other night I had a Skype conversation with a blogger friend of mine (Laura) about my irrational fear of losing people I love.  All of my feelings came to surface after seeing the devasting report of the Rangers’ fan who died trying to catch a foul ball for his son. That news story really rocked the thin layer of control I usually have over my fear.  The conversation has stuck with me and has me holding my loved ones a little more closely than normal.  It has also got me thinking about how much time I waste worrying about death. This led me to think about how wasting time is like wasting money, or as many say, ” Time is money”.  For someone as frugal as I try to be, my fear just doesn’t make much sense.  I need to concentrate on the riches I have and how much they are worth!

I know where my fear of loss originates (I lost my father at a very young age in a car accident) but identifying the root of the problem doesn’t always solve it.  I pray constantly about it and that helps a great deal.  I know that God has a plan and that I need not worry about the future, as He will take care of me in His own way.  So for now, I will continue to be grateful for everyday I have with my family and cherish every second I have with them.  I will continue to take deep breaths and keep my fears at bay by being secure in my faith.  There’s no sense in wasting time (“money”) on what may happen because I sure would hate to miss what I am so lucky to have right now-days full of valuable “money” with my loved ones; and those are riches I surely don’t want to miss.

Do you have any fears that waste your time? What are some ways you deal with these?

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