Virginia Beach Wicked 10K

me wicked

Wowsers!  It has been a day-but what a fun one!

Our day started with the Virginia Beach Wicked 10K (my most favorite local race).  We decided to save some bucks this year and instead of hiring a babysitter, we pushed the boys-for SIX POINT TWO miles!  I was very worried about how this would go since the longest I’ve pushed them without them trying to kill each other was 4 miles-but they did GREAT!  I am thinking the awesome costumes that you could see at every turn helped (and maybe the candy hand outs at miles 4 and 5)!


The boys decided this year they would be super heroes again so my husband turned our stroller into the bat mobile and the entire family dressed up.  Despite FREEZING at the start, this race definitely tops my list of favorite all time races!  We even managed to finish in under an hour; this is slower than our normal 10k times, but considering we were pushing around 100 pounds and dressed in costumes (mostly handmade by the way…my tutu was made by Seren Roush we were pretty happy with this!  To top the race off, my 4 year old ran his first race and did a great job completing the Monster Mile!

Will's medal

After the race we decided to hit up Town Center’s and Fairfield Shopping Center’s Trick or Treat since we were already in costumes…you can always use more candy right?!

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