uDraw Game Tablet With uDraw Studio Only $10.53!

We got my son a drawing game for the Wii in order to give him some more practice with fine motor skills-he absolutely LOVES it!

Right now you can get the uDraw Game tablet with uDraw Studio: Instant Artistfor PS3 for only $10.53-this is normally $49.99 so that’s a HUGE savings!

If you don’t have a PS3 and still would like a deal on this for other gaming systems, you’re in luck! You can also get the uDraw Game tablet with uDraw Studio: Instant Artistfor XBOX Only $12.76!¬† (Normally $49.99)

 About the game:

  • Touch Screen Creativity – From pinch-and-stretch zooming to free-form finger-painting, the uDraw GameTablet responds directly to your touch.
  • Built-In Controller Functions – Xbox 360 and PS3 controls are directly integrated into the uDraw, eliminating the need to dock a controller.
  • Tilt Functionality – Tilt, shake and jump through games with enhanced tilt and motion features.
  • Pressure-Sensitive Stylus – The uDraw stylus offers 256 points of pressure sensitivity, providing amazing freedom to bring your creations to the screen in detail.


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