Trivia Pursuit Over 70% Off!

rolling stones

Do you like trivia?  My husband sure does!  I love that he is passing that fun on down to our kids!

Right now you can grab the Trivial Pursuit Card Gamefor only $5.48!  This is normally $9.99!

  • TRIVIAL PURSUIT STEAL is the perfect trivia game if you have just 15 minutes to spare.
  • This fast-paced game is the first ever Trivial Pursuit card game.
  • Combines questions and answers with the strategy of winning your wedges by stealing your opponents?.
  • Provide something for everyone!
  • All in a quick-play card game


There are several other Trivia Pursuit items on sale as well:

Trivial Pursuit Bet You Know It! $19.17 (normally $29.99)

Trivial Pursuit Team$13 (normally $39.99)

Trivial Pursuit Rolling Stones $10.95 (normally $39.99)

Trivial Pursuit Dvd For Kids$13.97 (normally $29.99)

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