Traveling Alone-Well, Kinda


My Traveling Companions

This past week I joined up with some other blogger friends and we hit the road to Washington D.C. for a conference.  While it was an interesting and fun trip there were also some times that made me think I may need psychological treatment

As a mom to two young children, I don’t get a chance to often travel, especially alone.  While I was with other bloggers, I was still alone-no husband, no children, just me.  I was excited and scared at the same time.  How would the kids do without me?  Would they sleep?  Would they miss me?  Would they be mad at me for leaving them?  I know, silly uh? 

Luckily my parents came into town to help out while my husband worked so this lifted  a huge burden off my shoulders.  Low and behold, during one of my many phone calls to check in, I asked my husband if the kids had talked about me or asked where I was.  He immediated burst into laughter and said, “Did you forget your parents are here?  I didn’t even get a hug when I got home from work! Of course they didn’t ask about you!”  Can you tell my kids are IN LOVE with Mommom and Poppop?

So, as much as my ego may be bruised, it seems that my family can survive 28 hours without Mommy. It really is true that separations like this are much harder on the parents than it is on the children.  Perhaps it will get easier if I take more trips~What are your thoughts?

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