Top 5 Black Friday Hints, 6 Holiday FREEBIES, & More!

If you’re visiting Momondealz because you caught me this morning talking with Kristen on the news (channel WTKR/WGNT), welcome!

Here are the deals of the week that we discussed:

Black Friday


1.  Make a game plan-Know what you want and what store has the best price!  Check my “HOliday deals” page to see prices!

2.  Have a budget and stick to it.  Prices will be tempting but going into debt is not worth it!

3.  Get maps ready-Store maps are available so you’ll know where in the store things are located!

4.  If you’re going with others have a meeting place at each store! Things can get a little crazy so you’ll want to have a meeting place for when you get separated.

5.  Bring water and dress in layers-it will cold outside and out inside so you’ll want to be able to take off layers while shopping.

Black Friday Dealz:
-Amazon is already starting Black Friday sales with items on lightning deals all day!
-Walmart and Target shopping maps are being released for Black Friday.  The hot items will be placed all throughout the stores
-JC Penney will be handing out buttons that have codes for free stuff and discounts on them.
-Sams Club will be giving out free starbucks and pastries to members who shop there Black Friday
-Michael’s will be handing out Free Godiva Chocolate bars to the first 100 customers Black Friday
-Lots of freebies at the drug stores-See my CVS Black Friday ad for just a few!

Other Good Dealz:
For the men:  Men’s Fitness Magazine Only $4.29/year

6 FREE Holiday Gifts are still available!

Get 20 Holiday Cards for only $1.99!

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