Toddler Tip Tuesday-How Do We Get Rid of The Pacifier?


“Toddler Tip Tuesday” is my new weekly series I have started for 2012. I am in no way a toddler expert but since I am going through the joys of toddler hood right now, I will bring you tips that will hopefully make your life a bit easier! This week’s topic is getting rid of the pacifier!

I didn’t think our 3 year old would ever give up his pacifier (“paci” as we called it)!  We eventually had him weaned to only sleep time but no amount of negotiating would get him to go to sleep without it-until he started chewing it.  Once he put holes in the ones we had, we were able to eventually throw them away by saying they were broken and not safe.  Finally he chewed through the final one and we told him they were all gone. After 3 nights of crying for one, he went to sleep peacefully.  It was a rough 3 nights but Chris and I were determined to stop buying pacifiers. 

Many toddlers struggle with giving up the “paci” “binkie” or pacifier and that is completely understandable since for many, they are a comfort tool for the children.  With toddler development, so many things are out of their control that they latch on to pacifiers for security.  There are many schools of thought as to when you should take away pacifiers and I feel it is definitely a parent’s choice.  However, if you are looking for some ideas or tips to be “paci free”, here are some we used and some tips others have given me:

  • Begin by setting limits.  Only allow pacifiers during sleep and car rides (or whatever works for your child).
  • Stick holes in.  For some reason this makes it not as satisfying for your child to suck. 
  • Leave it for Santa.
  • Trade it in for a toy.  I even read about one mom who took her child to Build A Bear and they put the pacifier inside the bear before they sealed it.
  • Give it to a new baby (not really but your child can think you are). Tell your child that they are a big girl/boy now and the new baby needs it.


What tips do you have?



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  1. Dani says

    We are in the process of getting rid of the pacifier (or fafier as my 2 1/2 year old daughter calls it). She is really into Cinderella right now and we are going to Disney in February. She is getting to dress up like Cinderella at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique @ Cinderella’s Castle. We have convinced her the baby princesses need the pacifier and she has been saying she is going to give them her pacifier because it is for babies.

    Keeping my fingers crossed this actually works. Otherwise, the next step will be putting a hole in it (suggested by my dentist).

  2. Danielle Davis/Grady says

    My oldest son was a binkie baby! He called it his B..I had tried everything..Hiding them, Throwing them away, I told him his baby brother needed it(even tho he wasnt a binky baby), Bribed him with candy..None of that worked..So one day i cam up with a plan..At the time his favorite cartoon was Spongebob which he called Bob Bob..So i told him that Spongebob needed his B to give to the babies that needed them..I got a box for him to put all his binkies in..I taped it up..I had him right a few things on the box & then i gave it to my mom so she could “mail” it to Spongebob..After my mom came back from “mailing” it she had a balloon & a little goodie bag with some treats & a letter from Spongebob telling my son how thankful he was that he sent all of his binkies to him..I wasnt sure the whole thing was gonna work but it did! He has not had his B since!

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