To Frame or Not To Frame?

If you’re like many people, you are running around frantic to find a last minute Christmas gift that is just perfect for that someone special on your list.  I just got home from one such trip trying to find my grandmother’s gift.  Since having kids I have the luxury of my family loving pictures of the boys.  This makes it very easy to do part of my shopping because one item always on my list is picture frames.

Something fun and different I have decided I want to do after the holidays is to find a really great picture of the aftermath of opening gifts and blow it up to poster size.  Poster Frame Depot has a ton of cool frames that I can use.  I have 3 huge pictures upstairs already that this poster print will look perfect next to.  I know this picture will bring a smile to my face all year.  The boys are really “into” Santa this year so I am very excited about Christmas morning.  I am already pricing poster frames because the boys are also getting a couple of movies that actually come with posters, and I know they will beg to hang them on the walls.  I am not a big fan of posters on walls, but with the right frame, I can be convinced. We are in the midst of redoing my oldest son’s room in Boston Red Sox and of course my husband has some posters that go along with this theme so I’ll be needing some frames for those too.

Am I alone in framing posters or do you feel the same way?


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