The Elf on the Shelf Gift Set Including Book, Elf, and Coloring Book-Only $29.95!

Reading this book and finding out where the Elf has hidden each night is one of our favorite holiday traditions.  Since the price has dropped slightly, I wanted to make sure you knew about the deal.  It probably won’t go any lower than this!

Right now you can get The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition with Blue Eyed North Pole Pixie-elf with Bonus Official “An Elf’s Story” Elf on the Shelf Coloring Bookfor only $29.95-that’s a savings of $8.

I’m sad we didn’t get this deal because we actually paid more and didn’t get the coloring book!

Remember, Amazon deals can and will change at anytime so if you want this price you’ll want to snag it now.

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