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Are you a Hampton Roads parent looking for swim lessons?  Maybe your child is scared of the water. Maybe they are “ok” swimmers but you want them to have more advanced skills.  Maybe you’re an adult  who just never learned to swim and would like to now.  No matter what your situation, Swim America has the solution for you!

Here’s a little bit about Swim America:
SwimAmerica is a national learn to swim program operated by the American Swimming Coaches Association through over 500 Program Directors at over 900 sites across the USA. It’s the state of the art learn to swim program in the world today. Brought to you by the same people who have brought you the most successful sport team on the planet… the USA Olympic Swimming Team. What we learn teaching people to set world records, we use to teach new swimmers to enjoy swimming with the best techniques in the world… just like the development of great cars and trucks from the NASCAR and INDY car races. We learn from and teach the elite athlete AND the new child!

My son attended classes last year for the first time and I can’t rave about them enough!  When Will began the classes, he refused to even put his face in the water and blow bubbles! But by the end of the classes, he was confident enough to start swimming across our backyard pool! I plan on having both boys take classes this year!

SwimAmerica is currently open for Summer 2013 registration! You can mail in the following form or you can fill it out and visit the on site registration at Honey Bee Golf Course during the following dates:

May 11:  11am-2pm
May 12:  Noon-2pm
May 18:  11am-2pm
May 19: Noon-2pm

SwimAmerica has lesson for ages 2.5 and up (all the way to adults)!

This is the form you will need:  Swim Registration Form and information

Here are the costs: (see below for discount)

Preschool Program (age 2.5-5) 30 minute classes
Monday-Thursday morning or evening classes $35/week
Weekends $18/weekend

Children’s Program (age 5-16) 40 minute classes
Monday-Thursday morning or evening classes $35/week
Weekends $18/weekend

Adult Program (ages 17+) Weekend classes only $25/weekend

I’ve got GREAT news for you!

SwimAmerica Virginia Beach has offered Momondealz WGNT viewers a $5 discount on their classes!  Simply put WGNT/momondealz on the registration form as how you heard of SwimAmerica and you receive $5 off!


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