Super Bowl Snacks-Top 25 Favorite Dips!


This free book comes at a perfect time!  If you’re looking for Super Bowl snacks, here is a book that will give you the top 25 favorite dips to serve!

Right now you can get the book Dips: Top 25 Favorite Dipsfor FREE on your Kindle or Kindle Fire. Don’t have a Kindle device? No problem-simply download this appto read the book on your phone, PC, or iPad .

There are hot dips, cold dips, seafood dips, salsas and dips for fruit. With such a wide variety to choose from, I’m sure you’ll be able to find the perfect dip for your next celebration.Inside you’ll discover how easy it is to put together a fun and fabulous spread for your friends and family. These dip recipes are simple to make and don’t take a ton of time to prepare, but they are impressive. Get ready for the compliments to come your way.

Here are just some of the crowd pleasers you have to choose from:

No Siesta Only Fiesta Queso Dip
Tuscan Hot Spinach & Artichoke Dip
Man Cave Madness Beer Cheese Dip
Red Zone Buffalo Chicken Dip
Mama Mia Pizza Dip
Hot Crab Dip Awesomeness
Popeye’s Favorite Spinach Dip
Ocho Layer Taco Dip
Lobsta Luv
Holy Moly Guacamole
Crabby Road Spread

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