Springtime Flowers

Who doesn’t love the arrival of Spring?  We’ve all made it through a rough winter and are anxiously awaiting warmer temperatures and time outdoors.  There can be one problem though…allergies!  With the warm weather and beautiful blossoms, comes the dreaded pollen.  Although a lot of people love the look and smell of fresh flowers gracing a table top in their home, those flowers can cause sneezing fits for many.  There is a solution for this problem-silk flowers.  They can provide the beauty you want yet not cause the negative reaction.

As a life long allergy sufferer AND flower/plant lover, I have always suffered through sneezing and the ichy throat feeling in order to have fresh flowers and plants in my home. I have recently began to wonder if silk plants may work out better for me. Besides helping me breathe more easily, I am imagining that silk replacements can’t possibly be as messy as an overturned natural plant!  We all know that with a teenager, a toddler, a baby, and 2 sleep deprived parents in a home, accidents can definitely happen!

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