Shamrock Marathon Results 2014

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I’ve mentioned a few times in the last couple of months that I was running the Shamrock Marathon Virginia Beach.  It was my 3rd half marathon and I trained the hardest I had ever trained for a race.  Here’s a little recap of the race and my results.

My wonderful sister came into town to babysit for us so my husband and I were able to leave the house extra early, arriving at our parking spot right after 6am.  We had a mile to walk to the start but since it was freezing, we jogged and this served as a nice warm-up.  We dropped our dry bags off and headed for the bathrooms.  While standing in those lines we were able to get our Garmins straight (after some issues with my husband’s).

After the National Anthem we were off to find our corral!  We were in corral 3 but ended up in the back of corral 2 and it was perfect.  We got our music started, gave our kisses of good luck and were off!  My husband and I separated shortly after the start and I settled in on a pretty nice pace of under a 9 minute mile.  I easily kept this pace until about mile 9 when I went up a few seconds to about a 9:10 pace.  Then mile 10 my music started bothering me and while messing with that I dropped to a 9:30.  I realized I had lost some time so got myself back to about a 9:10 pace but had messed my pace all up and struggled to keep below a 9:30 until mile 12.5.  Knowing the end was near I jacked it back up and finished the race at 8:29 pace.

chris and me shamroc

I was THRILLED because my Garmin watch had me at my goal-a sub 2:00 half marathon (barely)!  The Garmin had me at 1:59:48 which had me nervous because I know watches and official times don’t always jive.  I decided that no matter what, I was ecstatic about my finish-it was 12 minutes faster than my previous time!  I waited at the finish and gulped a water and Gatorade while waiting for my husband who also had a PR of 6 minutes!  It was a successful race for both of us.  When getting the “official time” later in the day, I learned I had finished in 2:00:36 but that’s still a PR of 11 minutes and I am still wanting to say I met my goal of a sub 2:00 half!

Many of my friends had PRs that day too,including one who was in the top 500 racers!

Did you run?  How was it for you?  I am already looking forward to next year!

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