Rite Aid and Walgreens Shopping Trips 6/15/10

Ok, despite a very uncooperative toddler who thought it was the funniest thing ever to throw items out of the cart as we went through the store, I had 2 pretty successful shopping trips today!  I had to do 2 transactions at each store so it may seem a bit confusing but I tried to make it as clear as possible.

Rite Aid Trip

Total out of pocket after sales and coupons from my list HERE:  $26.18 (seems high I know but still had great savings and keep in mind the picture has 79 diapers, 4 body washes, sunblock, bayer, and a razor).  However, after rebates and +UP rewards, I really got it all for $9.18.  It took 2 transactions and breaks down like this:

Transaction #1
Total before sales and coupons:  $47.44
Total Sales from Wellness program:  $13.60
Total Coupons used:  $22.98
-$5 off of $20 purchase
-BOGO Old Spice Body Wash coupon from PG 6/6 (value was $2.99)
-$4 Proglide Razor coupon from PG 6/6
-$1 in ad coupon for Bayer
-$1 Bayer coupon from SS 3/21
-BOGO Gillette Body Wash coupon from PG 6/6 (values was $2.99)
-$3 Rite Aid values Coppertone coupon
-$3 Huggies Coupon HERE
Total Rebates: $9.99

I then did a second transaction for the Mega Pack of Pampers diapers.  They were on clearance from $17.99 to $8.99.  I used $2 of the +UP rewards (those were the only ones eligible) and the $1.50 Pampers coupon from PG 6/6 so I paid $5.94 out of pocket but my receipt printed out more +UP rewards worth $2 so it’s like I paid $3.94 for 52 diapers!

Walgreens Trip

I got the above for $7.23 (picture is missing 2 packs of candy, husband ate one, other is around the house somewhere). I also had to complete 2 transactions for this deal.

Transaction #1
Schick Razor:  $7.99
-$5 coupon from SS 6/14
Total after taxes:  $3.39
I received $4 Register Rewards for this purchase so really I made $0.61!  I will also submit this for the mail in rebate from Schick so I really I made $8.60 on this!

Transaction #2
Cottonelle toilet paper $5.99
2 packs of Mike and Ike Candy (not pictured) 2 for $2
-$0.50 coupon
-$4 Register Rewards from transaction #1
Total after taxes:  $3.84

So, total out of pocket was $7.23 but since I will be getting the mail in Schick rebate, I will still end up making 76 cents!

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