Review: Striiv Fitness Device


How would you like to help the world and get exercise at the same time?  Well Striiv is the answer! 

Striiv Motivational Fitness Deviceis a newly released fitness tool that tracks your walking, running, and climbing stairs, all the while helping you reach fitness goals by playing games AND contributing to make the world a better place!  With each step you take towards a healthier lifestyle, you also make a donation of clean water to a child in South America, a polio vaccine to a child in India, or to conserve the Tanzania’s rainforest for one year! 

Striiv is simple to use and small enough to fit just about anywhere!  I have used it several times while running and easily meeting my goals of the day.  I love reaching different levels, earning trophies, and best of all seeing where my steps lead to donations around the world!  I was shocked that running 2 miles was nearly 4,500 steps! 

If you would love one of these handy and super cool devices, they are available for purchase for $99!

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  1. Tabitha says

    This is definitely on my Christmas list! Sounds like something fun to keep me on track with my weight loss and fitness goals!

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