Review: Nintendogs + Cats French Bulldogs and Friends + Great Sale!

Thinking of getting your child a cute little dog or cat for Valentine’s Day?  How about leaving behind the clean up, house breaking, and vet bills and giving them a virtual pet instead? 

Nintendo has released several versions of Nintendogs + Cats including French Bulldogs and Friends, Toy Poodle and Friends, and Golden Retriever and Friends. These games allow your child to play with,take care of,  and accessorize mulitiple breeds!  How much fun could they ask for?  Even better, when they are done having fun, they simply turn off the game!  No clean up required!

 The game allows the created pet to “learn” and respond to your voice for different commands and perform tricks. The pet has emotions, a personality, and you must play, wash, feed, and give the pet water as needed based on the status updates you receive each time you turn on the game.  The facial-recognition technologies on the Nintendo 3DS even let puppies recognize their owners!  My kids love this aspect of the game! Another cool feature of the game is the Journal.  This can keep track of your daily activities in the game. You can view other players you’ve encountered with StreetPass, view your pedometer data, and so much more! 

Nintendogs + Cats: French Bulldog and New Friendscan be normally be purchased for $39.99 but is on sale right now via Amazon for only $15.99!  That’s a bargain compared to actual pet costs!

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