Reasons I Have Cried This Week

I cried

Before becoming a mom I had a friend who would cry at (what I thought) were the silliest things. She also refused to read or watch anything to do with a child getting hurt.  I used to tease her so much for being such a mush.

Then I became a mom and I understood.  I am now also a part of the “big mush” club.  I cry because sometimes I’m sad; but there are plenty of other reasons I cry now -for being proud, being nostalgic, being discouraged, being overwhelmed…well the list goes on.  Before kids, I NEVER cried over so many things.  But here are some of the reasons I have cried this week.  Perhaps you can relate to some of them?

  • I cried watching my 5 year old who has a huge fear of the “deep end” of a pool swim from the instructor to the side of the pool. 

will swim

  • I cried because I totally lost my cool after asking both boys to stop arguing in the car about a billion times.
  • I cried watching the pure joy of the boys playing for over an hour with some paper birds I helped them make from a Chick Fil A Kids meal.
  • I cried when at that same Chick Fil A trip my 5 year old said he would like fruit with his meal because they were “healthier” than fries.
  • I cried reading the posts on the Megsmiles page-I don’t even know this runner mom but I feel so connected to the story.
  • I cried watching my husband make salsa with our sons because I was thinking how lucky I was to have married such a great dad.
  • I cried because my 5 year old was rewarded with an icee pop because he was the only kid in the Y’s stay and play that listened to the teacher and cleaned up the entire play area.  I cried from pride and relief because he tries so hard but his methods don’t normally get recognized by other adults.
  • I cried while on a trip to Target with my 3 year old, I rewarded him with some fruit snacks and he said “Mommy can we get Will a treat too since he’s probably having a good day at school?”.
Sweet Zack

Sweet Zack

  • I cried reading this story about a mom who misses her mom after her death 18 years later.  I cried because I still miss my dad 16 years after his death.
  • I cried watching the movie “Hall Pass” when Owen Wilson describes the spot on his chest that held his wife the first time she fell asleep on him and that was the same spot he held his children when they were babies.
  • I cried from pride after my run yesterday because it was my first run in the snow and it was HARD.  Running is a journey for me and something I thought I’d never do-and love to do.
  • I cried at nap today when I asked my 3 year old what his favorite part of the morning was and he said playing with you and Daddy.


Wow, it looks like I am a big cry baby uh?  I’m not saying that each instance brought a gush of tears, but tears formed in my eyes and each situation touched my heart.

What’s brought you to tears this week?

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