Personalized Gifts-Get 6 For FREE!

vistaprint order

I love, love, love when these personalized gifts come out from Vistaprint!  I have never been disappointed!

Right now Vistaprint is offering 6 FREE personalized gifts!  You can get custom calendars, tote bags for errands, mugs for special heartfelt gifts, t-shirts for after-school activities, stamps for “Property of” stamps, or emergency contact cards for babysitters and teachers (or Mommy cards)!

I’ve gotten all of the free items in the past and have loved them all!  The tote bags are my favorite-they are perfect for everything from library books to sports bags(I used mine for water bottles and snacks)!

You will need to pay shipping and handling for these items but in the past I’ve been able to group free orders all together and get all 6 items for under $10!  I haven’t tried that this time around but will keep you updated!

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