My New Year’s Goals


Last year I shared with you my personal and professional goals for the year.  I am pleased to say I met all of goals and have decided to share with you my goals for 2012.  I am holding myself more accountable by sharing these with you and will keep you updated throughout the year.

Personal Goals:

1. Become More Organized:  I pride myself in being a very organized person. However, in the past couple of months I feel like my schedule (and life in general) has gotten a bit out of hand. I plan on organizing my home and schedule.  I will share this journey with you with a new series called “Manage Your Mess Monday”.

2.  Run In At Least 4 Races:  I began my running journey in March 2011.  I used to HATE running but since it is the only activity I have found that I can do with the boys (they love going on runs with my husband and I), running has become an addiction.  In the past 10 months I have participated in two 5Ks and one 10K. I am signed up to participate in the Shamrock 8K and my first Half Marathon will be the Dismal Swamp one in April.   That leaves me with at least 2 more to choose. Any suggestions?

3.  I also have several religious and budget orientated goals that I will keep you up to date on through out the year.  The biggest ones being to attend church more regularly and to pay off our family cars.

Professional Goals:
 My goals with the blog are pretty simple and you can actually help me out with these goals!

1. I would like to gain more readers/followers. This will enable me to attract more companies and sponsors, which will then in turn help me reach my next goal. How can you help? Tell any of your friends, family, or co-workers about Momondealz! You know they want to save money and get freebies too!

2. Host more giveaways for my readers. I get a tremendous response when I do giveaway “events” with other bloggers but I would like to host even more individual giveaways. I know my readers like free stuff too so if you know of any friends or family members who would like easy advertising, please send them my way!

3. Publish even more kids crafts and toddler posts. I will begin my new series “Toddler Tactic Tuesday” in January that will be in addition to my “Kids Frugal Fun” on Wednesdays and “Making Memories” on Thursdays.

 I would like Momondealz to provide my family with a better income. While helping others save money is my primary focus, it is certainly nice to contribute to the family budget and bring home a paycheck as well! We all know how tough it can be living on a single income. You can support Momondealz by printing your coupons from my links and purchasing your Amazon shopping needs via my links.  Also, I offer very reasonably priced ad space on the blog and I would love to expand this section. It is important to me that the companies respresented in this space are family friendly. If you have an etsy shop, run a home business, or know of someone who does, send them my way!

So….what are your goals?

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