My Little Project: “Fixing” The Boys’ New Beds


We recently purchased a new mattress set for our bedroom and that prompted some rearranging in the rest of house.  Our toddler has been ready to move up to a “big boy” bed but our older son was sleeping in that so we had an issue.  It was solved by us giving our old bed to the oldest son, and then giving his “big boy” bed to the toddler.  Everyone is happy-except Mommy.  I am a bit OCD and to like things to look just right.  Unfortunately, now neither of the boys have sheets/comforters that match the new beds and also compliment their room themes…so I am on a mission to fix this.

Now shopping for the boys bedrooms has so far been a challenge.  There are a wide variety of themes available for children’s beds, however, most of them are for twin beds.  That’s great for the toddler’s room…not so great for Will’s room who now has our queen bed.  I’ve shopped online and in stores and still not found designs I like that also fit the themes of their rooms so far.  My husband thinks the entire process is silly and it doesn’t matter what sheets/comforters/pillow shams that the boys have.  He says, “Just pick one”.  LOL…did he forget who he married?

So, my journey and search continue because not only do I want something just right to fit the theme of the rooms, the sets must also fit the boys’ personalities.  Oh, did I mention the room bedding must also not cost what I like to call “highway robbery”?  Some of the prices I have seen are CRAZY!  At any rate, I am a busy mommy trying to make my boys’ bedrooms a nice little haven for them to catch some ZZZ’s.  Off for some more “shopping”.  I would love any ideas or pointers you have may have on the subject!

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