My Harris Teeter Super Doubles Shopping Trip

Ok, I got all of the above for only $10.96!  See my matchups HERE and HERE.

It breaks down like this:
Harris Teeter Milk:  On sale: $2.79 (I will be going back before the week is over)
Green Grapes:  On sale for 99 cents a pound:  $2.04
Best Life Butter Spread:  35 cents
Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice:  15 cents
Kotex Pantilinere:  both FREE
Colgate Toothpaste:  25 cents
Rhodes Dinner Rolls:  25 cents
Reynold’s Wrapper Sheets:  49 cents
Gum Toothbrush:  FREE
Splenda Sticks:  89 cents
Bayer Chewable: 99 cents
LaCross Nail File:  49 cents
Sure Deodarant:  79 cents
Bounty Napkins: 19 cents

Total saved:  $38.04!


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