My Harris Teeter Shopping Trip/Wordful Wednesday

I have linked up with sevenclowncircus for Wordful Wednesday. This is where bloggers showcase a photo that they love so much that they can’t keep their mouths shut about it. Here’s my photo above and my mouthful below…for free. :)
Above is a picture of my best shopping trip to date!  I got all of the above for only 43 cents!  Thanks to Harris Teeter Triple Coupons this week, my deal matchups HERE, and a computer glitch, I got an awesome deal!  Without the computer glitch I had estimated my trip would be around $8 (I needed the milk for $2.99 and didn’t have a coupon).  Let me explain the computer glitch:  Everytime Harris Teeter does triple coupons there is almost always some sort of glitch first thing in the morning.  This morning some of the coupons were tripling and some were only doubling.  The cashier put aside the ones that were only doubling and called a manager over at the end.  The cashier and I explained the problem to the manager and showed her where they had doubled instead of tripled.  The only thing the manager was able to do was to rescan the coupons, so basically because of the computer, I got some coupons quadrupled!  This was pure luck but I am NOT complaining!  At the end the total was actuall -$1.43 and the manager asked me if I wanted to get a couple of candy bars (hello, I’m pregnant!) since Harris Teeter won’t give you cash back on a purchase.  So, that’s where the 2 Snickers bars came from.  After adding those to my purchase I only paid $0.43! 
On top of a great deal, I also met a really nice fellow couponer.  I love when this happens!  Unfortunately I did not get her name but she too was taking advantage of the early morning shopping hours to leave her kids at home with her husband so she could grab some great bargains for her family!  I look forward to hearing from all of you about your deals so please leave a comment and let all the readers know your totals! 


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