Monday “Man” Savings

Luxury Living Frugal Style has started new Monday post I wanted to bring to my male readers. Enjoy!Here at Luxury Living Frugal Style we believe that saving money is not just for the ladies, Men can coupon and save money too! Each Monday we will share a money saving tip just for men or a great deal that is out that is just for men!

This week our Man Saves On Monday money saving tip is about video games. They can be very expensive to buy but a great way to save money is to rent them. It costs anywhere from $50-$60 to buy a game and about $8 to rent one for a week. If you are like me then after the kiddos go to bed and the wife is blogging it is time for sports or video games so it is easy to complete a game in a week and save yourself at leasst $40 bucks! For the price of 1 game you can rent 5! It also is a great way to not have clutter in your house and piles of video games build up!

 Do you have any “Manly” things you are wanting to save on? Have us help you, just send us an e-mail!

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