Minion Doll-Great Gift!


You’d have to be on a different planet to have not heard about minions-they are everywhere!

My oldest was able to see the movie Despicable Me 2 and LOVED it!  He also has a best bud who more than slightly adores the movie.  I think the last time I talked to his mom they had seen the movie 3-4 times in the theater.  So when my friend over at Jaimeddesigns posted a Minion doll that she had created, I just knew I had to snag one for a birthday gift for Will’s friend.

Jaime was able to get me the Minion in record time and really, how cute is he?!

Unfortunately this little guy got mixed up in our moving madness so he missed being given as a birthday gift.  Luckily he was found last night and Will’s friend was thrilled when he got him today!

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