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Milk Jug Easter Baskets

pirate easter basketEach week I bring you a craft that is fun and frugal. With Easter coming up FAST and Easter Egg hunts already starting, I thought why not tell you how to create a Milk Jug Easter Baskets?   I like keeping our “nice” ones for the Easter Bunny to use but these homemade ones are great for hunts and also can make nice keepsakes!

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Just a side note, I laminateas much as I can when doing crafts…it really helps to preserve them.

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Easter Basket Craft For Kids


Empty and clean milk gallon container
Exacto knife or sharp knife
Decorations of your choice

1.  Cut the milk carton into the shape of a basket.

2.  Cut off the spout of the carton and staple together the ends to make a handle.

3.  Paint and decorate your basket for your desired theme.




As you can see we chose a pirate theme.  We painted the entire gallon red and used sticky felt and foam to create pirate faces and a ship.  We also glued some gold coins we had to add to the decor.

Educational Activities:

  • Math: You can put math shapes inside of plastic Easter eggs and have your child open them and identify the shapes found. For older children you can use plastic Easter eggs for actual math problems (adding, subtracting, etc).
  • Language Arts: Create your Easter Basket based on your child’s favorite book character. Talk about how the character is described in the book to help bring him or her to life for your child.
  • Science: Grow your own Easter grass by getting some grass seed and putting it in a recycled yogurt or butter container. Discuss with your child the needs of the grass (sun, water) and how all plants need these things to survive


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