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This is the second installment of my new series “Manage Your Mess Monday”. This series will focus on organizing your life and home. My goal is to have the series last 2 months with one post per week. I hope you find some useful tips to help you manage any “mess” you may have in your life. Visit here for my past Manage Your Mess posts!

Week 2-Your Schedule

Any parent knows how crazy their schedules can get on a daily basis!  This year Will started taking Sports Skills Class and began Preschool so things have gotten a lot more hectic!  I have found that the easiest way to keep track of the family’s schedule is by using one giant dry erase board and positioning in an easy to view location in the kitchen.

As you can see, this board has our calendar, our to do lists, grocery lists, as well as, important reminders and school paper work on it.  I also have my menu plan for the week pinned to the bottom as well.  When planning our month, I am sure to include monthly events and activities first, and then I add in the ones new for each month (i.e. birthdays, appointments, holidays, etc).  Here are some other suggestions to add to your calendar:

  • Cleaning schedule.  We “clean up” every day, several times a day but on Tuesdays and Thursdays I do my major housework.  You may find it easier to schedule dusting for Mondays, bathrooms on Tuesdays, etc.
  • Relaxation time:  Be sure to include some time to relax as a family.  This could be by having a family game night, family movie night, etc.
  • Date Night:  I know how hard it is to find time to have a date night with your significant other.  Believe me, with a 3 year old and a 1 year old and no family nearby, this can sometimes seem impossible.  We have managed to do this at least once a month and often are date nights are at home after the kids go to bed.  We’ll rent a movie, wait to have our dinner until after the kids go to sleep, and enjoy our quality time.


What are some tools that you use to organize your schedule?  Leave a comment below with your ideas!

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