Manage Your Mess Monday: Child’s Learning Wall

Welcome to the sixth installment of my new series “Manage Your Mess Monday”. This series will focus on organizing your life and home. My goal is to have the series last 2 months with one post per week. I hope you find some useful tips to help you manage any “mess” you may have in your life. Visit here for my past Manage Your Mess posts. This week’s post is all about organizing your child’s learning area:

My 3 year old attends a local preschool 2 days a week, but I also educate him at home.  As a former teacher, I spent a lot of my own money to buy classroom supplies so I have quite a bit of educational materials in my home and ready to use with my children.  One item I use every single day is my Standard Pocket Chart.  You can buy these charts in different sizes, shapes, colors and they do a wonderful job at organizing educational materials. You can even combine several of them to create different learning centers on your walls. One of my favorite charts is this:Learning Resources Magnetic Pocket Chart Squares

Some items I have put in mine are nursery rhymes, calendar materials, and most recently I have expanded Will’s “learning board” to have language arts materials found at 1plus1plus1equals1, as well as some other math topics.  To maximize wall space and provide as much learning as possible, I use a couple of these charts in our playroom.  I also use  a 3 drawer organizer cart on wheels to keep all the paperwork and books that coincide with the boys’ learning. Will really enjoys taking over and being the teacher as well, check him out!

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