Manage My Mess Monday: Organizing DVD’s and Games

Welcome to the eight installment of my new series “Manage Your Mess Monday”. This series will focus on organizing your life and home. I hope you find some useful tips to help you manage any “mess” you may have in your life. Visit here for my past Manage Your Mess posts. This week’s post is all about organizing your child’s DVD’s.

I am what many consider to be a “strict” mom when it comes to the boys watching TV.  In fact, Will was 2 before he was allowed to watch anything except Baby Signing Times.  However, now that he’s a bit older, he gets to view a lot more and has come to dearly love characters such as Thomas and Buddy the dinosaur.  He has even began to build quite the DVD collection!  I have found that the cases take up a lot of room and can be disasterous when he decides to open them all and mix them up trying to find his favorite of the day I solved this problem by heading to the store and grabbing a small DVD case that can be zippered closed.  Now his movies can be easily transported anywhere and I can place the case high enough in a room to be out of his reach.  The boys are a bit young to play video games but this easy solution can also be used for games as well! 

I have also read about other who have used bigger binders to hold family DVD collections and games so of course I went on a search for some affordable ones.  Here’s what I found:

 Case Logic 64 Capacity CD Wallet-only $10!

 120 Disc Carry Case – Black-only $12.99 and it has a handle!


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  1. Carol P. says

    I have been doing this for some time – but found the extra expense of the binder available from Staples worth the money – it allows you to move the pages around making it easier to keep DVD’s in alphabetical order or video games to be kept together by system type. (My son is older – and the problem only becomes BIGGER, trust me, lol)

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