Making Memories-Playing At The Beach!



When I resigned from my teaching job 2 years ago my sole purpose was to be a stay at home mom.  Then the country decided to have an economic crisis and I needed to bring home some income.  I picked up some tutoring jobs and started Momondealz to help pay some bills and save money.  However, my focus is still being the best mom I can be and making as many memories with the kids as possible.

We are blessed to live in Virginia Beach where there is plenty of sand and water to keep the boys enthralled for hours.  Too often our playdates and errands are not at the beach so during warm weather, I try to remember at least once a month to pack up some towels, buckets (or cups and containers around the house) and head down to the oceanfront.  Will and Zack ADORE the beach and it always provides great exercise, fun, and memories.  We can splash in water, make sand castles, fill and dump containers (over and over and over again), play soccer, or just eat a picnic meal.  Regardless of what we do, we are away from computers, phones, or anything else that frequently takes time away from what’s important-making memories with our children.

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