Making Memories-Feeding Ducks


When I resigned from my teaching job 2 years ago my sole purpose was to be a stay at home mom.  Then the country decided to have an economic crisis and I needed to bring home some income.  I picked up some tutoring jobs and started Momondealz to help pay some bills and save money.  However, my focus is still being the best mom I can be.  With that goal in mind, I frequently sit down to brainstorm ideas that will help create memories for my boys. 

One day last month, an “making memory” opportunity presented itself when I opened my bread drawer and low and behold, there was some old bread.  We live near a pond that is filled with ducks so I thought the bread would serve it’s purpose much better with them as opposed to the trash. So, off we went.

My husband and I walked with the boys the 1/4 mile to the pond and Will had a great time feeding the ducks!  Baby Zack also loved it, squealing with delight at how close the ducks came to his stroller.  It was hilarious watching Will run back and forth to the bag of bread with excitement!  He especially thought the lone swan in the group was amazing!

This memory making activity has since became a weekly event and we even join up with one of Will’s little “girlfriends” in the neighborhood to feed the ducks and get some exercise at the same time!

Do you have any wildlife in your area that love attention?

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