Lil’ Kickers Soccer For Kids-My Thoughts

lil kickers program

When the boys were both younger (around 18 months) they both took Sports Skills classes at the Virginia Beach Field House.  They both really enjoyed it and I loved how they were introduced to important sports skills.  Last week I was able to check out their new program for kids- Lil Kickers Soccer For Kids-and I was very impressed!

When Zack and I first walked up I noticed a big change-the jerseys!  Each child who registers for classes get jerseys to wear to class-real jerseys that look great!  You can see how nice they are in the handsome model below.

zack field house

Zack was not ready to participate in the beginning of class but the instructor really tried to engage him, eventually pulling him into the fun with my help.  His age group (the Cottontails) allows for parents to be in the class to help with the child’s confidence.  The Lil’ Kickers program not only focuses on activities that build athletic ability, they also focus on important social skills like listening and following directions.  I really loved how organized each developmental “game” was and the kids didn’t even realize what important skills they were learning because they were having so much fun!  The last game was everyone’s favorite-the whole class sat in a soccer net that was their “space ship”.  The instructor threw out a bunch of cones (space rocks) and the kids had to run around and tip the cones so they were sitting upright-with one foot.  Then they were able to knock over the cones-both of the games were perfect foundations for passing and shooting a soccer ball!  And really every game and activity during the class easily led to soccer skills that can be used in higher age and ability levels!

We attended a Wednesday morning class but there are a wide variety of days and times that you can choose from if you want to check out Lil’ Kickers.  In fact, your first class is always free!  I think that is an awesome feature to this program since you never really know if your child will enjoy a new extracurricular activity.  Each class is 50 minutes long and include water breaks.   Depending on your child’s age, the coach/child ratio is around 12;1 but the class I attended was only 5:1.  Obviously the weekend classes would be a bit more full.

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