LifeProof Indestructible Case For iPhone-Review and Giveaway!


Are you rough on your cell phones?  Maybe you’re a parent like me and want to make sure the phone is protected when young fingers get a hold of it?  Or maybe you share a characteristic with my husband and tend to drop your phone?

My husband recently graduated to an iPhone and has tried several cases but has been disappointed by them all. He even tried an Otterbox and still managed to break that (can we say clumsy)?  Well, we finally found a solution with the LifeProof Indestructible Case for iPhone!

This iPhone case is amazing!  Just check out some of it’s features:

  • Dirt Proof-it will protect your phone from dust, sand, grit, and even mud!
  • Water Proof-You can use your phone swimming, snorkeling, even surfing in over 6 feet of water!
  • Snow Proof-When your phone is protected by LifeProof, you don’t have to worry about snow, ice, or sleet either!
  • Shock Proof-This is the most important feature for me!  You can drop your phone in LifeProof and it can be dropped up to 6.6 feet!


With all this protection, you would think the case would be bulky and heavy-but it’s not!  My husband can still easily keep his iPhone in his work pockets and be assured it’s being protected! What more can you ask for in a phone case?  You spend enough money on your iPhone, you shouldn’t have to keep spending more money to protect it!

How would you like to win your own LifeProof Indestructible Case for your iPhone?!  Here’s how:

There are several ways to win.  You must complete option #1 but the others are optional entries.  Remember, the more entries you complete, the better your chances!

1.  Mandatory:  Leave a comment letting me know if you’ve ever broken a cell phone and how it happened.

Optional entries:

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  1. Sallie says

    My husband works in the landscape business and is constantly dropping his phone. He has cracked screens, dropped it in a mud puddle, run over it with a mower! You name it, he’s done it! A LifeProof case would be great!!

  2. Erin Kessinger says

    My kids decided to put my phone in a glass of chocolate milk! Did not “break”, but no longer worked after swimming in chocolate milk!

  3. Erin Kessinger says

    I subscribe to your newsletter, follow you on Facebook, follow you on Twitter, and Follow you on Pinterest. My favorite Pinterest board of yours is the “Easy Recipes”.

  4. Camiele says

    I’ve broken many different phones. All by dropping them on hard surfaces – concrete, marble tile, and even a granite counter top!

  5. says

    Well….this past summer, I watched helplessly as my iphone went flying off the boat on Lake Monroe.

    It killed me.

    After purchasing a replacement (no insurance) I vowed to have a great case to protect it.

  6. Cheryl Lam says

    I am following you on twitter ,facebook and Pinterest also subscribed .My favorite craft is the lady bug valentines : ) Ps I don’t kniow what it means for website so I left it empty

  7. Melissa Asaro says

    I dropped a cell phone (issued by my employer) out of the car, not realizing it, and then ran it over! Oops! This case would be more for my husband who breaks every Iphone case he buys b/c he’s so rough on them.

  8. Stephanie says

    I follow you on Facebook and get the daily email. I have broken several phones, by throwing them…. Red hair + bad temper = do not mix well! Lol

  9. Amanda Rapacon says

    I didn’t break my phone, my 10 month old did. I ran to the bathroom really quick and when I got back he was sucking on the bottom of my iPhone. Now it turns itself off and on and changes screens whenever it feels like it, yep it’s possessed!
    Thumb print Christmas ornaments was one of our favorites. 😀

  10. lauren howard says

    My phones love to slid out of my lap in the car and they always break :/ thanks for the giveaway!

  11. Regina Morrison says

    Love your site, you are always giving us good coupons, alerts and great contests to enter, like this one for LifeProof, would love to win this for my teenage daughter! Thanks for your site and all the info you provide us with!
    I also love it when you are on WGNT in the mornings, with all kinds of deals, follow on FB and thru email.
    I just got my teenage daughter a new iphone, and would be nice to have a lifeproof case to protect her new phone.

  12. says

    We went to Silver Dollar City, and before we went on a water ride, we purchased one of the ‘Waterproof Bags’ in the line. I put my phone in it, then went on the ride. When it was over, we get off the ride laughing and happy only to pick up the ‘waterproof bag’ that was full of water with my phone bobbing around in it.
    Jess recently posted..To-Do’s 5 year old style…

  13. says

    I like the Kids Frugal Fun-Money Saving Gift Wrap post. We do stuff like this all the time! =)
    Jess recently posted..To-Do’s 5 year old style…

  14. says

    I have never broken a cell phone, but I have ran over one with my car (and the phone was in the puddle.) Surprisingly it still worked!!

    Brie @ Breezy Pink Daisies
    Brie – BreezyPinkDaisies recently posted..Living Room Entrance: New Bench and Coat Rack

  15. Vanessa rivera says

    I have broken a phone on vacation fell of my hand and shattered into pieces. Sad day lost my iphone and had to buy a new one. I follow u on fb, n pinterest

  16. Hanna says

    Like a dope, I balanced my phone on top of our banister. Of course, it fell off and took a tumble down the stairs. It still worked fine, but the screen shattered :(

  17. says

    Oh me, Oh my! I am very rough on phones. If I take my iphone out of its case for 10 minutes I usually drop it and crack the glass. Im currently using an Iphone 4S…only because my 4 broke about 4 months ago. It STAYS in its case and I refuse to take it off.

    I am using a otter box but I hear LifeProof is even better for an iphone.

  18. says

    I have been lucky not to break any of mine, and I sure want to keep it that way. Phones are super expensive.

    livelovelaughwithleslieblog at gmail dot com

  19. Patty Shadden says

    My poor cell phone. As a teacher of small, intellectually handicapped kids, my cell phone is everything to me. The alarms tell me when it is time to start activities, stop activities, head for lunch, send instructional assistants off to break, get kids out to the bus, allow parents to contact me and visa versa. In other words, it is my life line. One day a child became frightened at the top of the climbing structure. I went up to assist the child in coming down. As I tried to fireman carry the child down to safety my cell phone popped out of my pant pocket, fell into the very thin layer of tan bark, disappeared from view, and then was promptly stomped on by 30 kindergartners on their way back to their class. Dead and dusty phone. UGH

  20. says

    It dropped my phone in a sink of water. I lost everything I had onmy phone , contacts memos appointments ,SIM card gone also. Now i am I the midst trying to put everything on a new phone

  21. says

    Have I ever broken a cell phone cover? lol I have 11 grandchildren! Most all of them have slobbered and chewed on the covers. Once I tried to take the phone from my 2 year old g-baby – fighting for the phone- baby won and dropped the phone on the tile floor- hence busted cover and phone :) Awww! The joys of grandbabies!
    annette anderson recently posted..Band.Tees Woodstock T-Shirt review

  22. Kathleen says

    yes, ive broken a few phones. All from dropping them or getting them too wet

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  23. Kathleen says

    followed you on pinterest as – love your slow cooker board

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  24. Theresa Pettit says

    I haven’t broken a phone and don’t intend to so I would like a really good case such as this one.

  25. says

    I broke my iPhones volume down button. The case actually is what broke it (otterbox) according to the Apple Genius, said it applies to much pressure on the button.
    Lauren E recently posted..Aveda Birthday program

  26. Marshall O'Keefe says

    Just a few weeks ago I was snowboarding in the poconos having the time of my life with my friends and family. We were going up the ski lift and it slipped out of my pocket. It landed on the trail so we rode down to get it but by the time we got there the phone was soaked and wouldn’t go back on. I just recently upgraded and got an iPhone 4S which I’m so pumped about. I am always outdoors and I need a reliable case so that accident does not happen again

  27. says

    My son dropped my phone when he was getting into the car. The screen shattered.
    Barbie S recently posted..Locals-Children’s Consignment Sale Starts Thursday!

  28. Jennifer Persondek says

    I broke my first iPhone the night I bought it. I was showing a friend how awesome it was and it slipped right out of my hands and landed on the concrete ground and shattered the back glass. I har never taken a case off a phone since but still cringe and relive the horror everytime it drops!

  29. Kimberly says

    I was aggravated and went to throw my phone on the dashboard and it hit the windshield of my fiance’s car so not only did my phone break but his windshield did too. I was more upset about his windshield than I was about my phone and offered to pay for it but he told me not to worry about it. He’s amazing!

  30. Brandi flores says

    Hello there!

    1. I liked your facebook page and left a comment
    2. I am following you on pinterest and left a comment on the very cute candle display
    3. I added my email address to receive your news letter
    4. I am also leaving a comment on the very cute St Patty’s day cards that were featured on your site for kids to make. So cute :-)

    I sure hope I win :-)

  31. Shari says

    Yes, I have broken lots of phones. One phone was dropped in a cup of tea, another phone fell out of my hand, then another phone fell out of my purse in the bathroom at the mall. I keep breaking my phones, now I want a better phone that will not break so easily.

  32. says

    I dropped my cell phone in the grocery store ,I was holding to many things and trying to get my 4 kids under control , my phone rang and It allows out of my hands and the screen shattered :(

  33. dani marie says

    i scratched it pretty bad at a theme park. dropped it and people used it as a soccer ball for a bit on accident :(

  34. Erin Collins says

    I’ve never broken a phone, but I’ve dinged it up pretty good by being clumsy and dropping it on the street, sidewalk, tile floor at home, you name it.

  35. Kathie Craig says

    Does my son giving a bath to his dad’s phone in a full glass of tea count? Drying it out in rice did not work!!

  36. jessica young says

    i was late for a doc appointment for my kids and as im checking the diaper bag i put a sippy cup in the bag and didnt put the lids on right and then grabbed my phone and threw it in the bag and left when i get to the doctor i reach in the bag and pulls out my milked soaked phone lol i will never do this again lol

  37. harold d says

    I dropped it on cement for a Mardi Gras parade this year. I was going for a handful of beads and dropped it.

  38. April Reynolds says

    where should i start ive broken 3 phones 1, when i went fishing and it went down the embankment, 2 when i tried to grab my grandson and it hit floor before i could grab him and 3, accidentally laid it in my seat just before sitting down and crack went the screen under my big butt!

  39. susan smoaks says

    i always have a big glass of water next to me, one time i put my new cell phone right in the water while i was driving, i was so upset!!!

  40. Dan says

    I got so mad at my first Motorolla flip (“brick”) phone once that I threw it in the passenger side floor board and it broke in pieces…then I was mad at myself…lol. of yeah then one other time when I was laying out straw for my Alaskan Malutes to help them keep warm in the Alaskan winter my phone slipped out of my shirt poket. It apparantly fell into the straw…my dogs destroyed it…no doubt when I used another phone to call my cell when I thought it was lost inside my car.

  41. Jana Case says

    Where should I start… The one I dropped in the toilet , the one that bounced off the couch into a glass of coke, when I drive I sit it between my legs…and forget its between them …get out….watch out concrete (splat). I can’t text and walk at the same time….cracked screen…..I need a indestructible case

  42. Jana Case says

    After my comment about why this case would be the best fit for me and my phone…I’m already a Facebook fan,did email sign up,….pinterest ( craft board…20 rainy day crafts that will inspire you). Following on twitter … And my favorite kids frugal craft..was the fun money saving gift wrap…which can be used all year…and the kids love it…..THANKS!!


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