Kids Frugal Fun-Uses For Egg Cartons


Each week I bring you a kids craft that is fun, educational, and frugal. Easter is this week and many of you will by dyeing eggs with your little ones. Below are some ideas for the leftover egg cartons!  If you’ve missed any previous crafts, check out Momondealz’s Kids Frugal Fun page. If you enjoy my crafts, please be sure to share them on Pinterest!

Egg Carton Butterflies:

Egg Carton
Pipe Cleaner

1.  Clean and dry the egg carton.
2.  Cut the bottom in half leaving you with your desired number of “humps”.
3.  Trace your child’s hands on cardstock (2x each hand for a total of 4 hands).

4.  Have your child color the egg humps and the hands in various colors.

5.  Glue the hands to the carton to create a butterfly.
6.  Draw a face on the butterfly and add the pipe cleaner to create the antennae.

We also created the traditional Egg Carton Catepillar so that we could discuss the life cycle of a butterfly. 

This activity lends itself to a lot of science lessons (life cycles, habitat discussions, physical characteristics).  Also some highly recommended books about butterflies are:

 From Caterpillar to Butterfly Big Book (Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out Science 1)

My, Oh My–A Butterfly!: All About Butterflies (Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library)

Where Butterflies Grow (Picture Puffins)

 Some other uses for egg cartons are:

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