Kids Frugal Fun-Rocket Boosters and Airplane Experiment!


Each week I bring you a craft that is fun, educational, and frugal. August 19th is Aviation Day  and since my oldest son is a NUT about plane, rockets, and jets, I thought why not do some fun crafts around this fun holiday?!

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We actually made several crafts this week and used a previous craft to have some fun with aviation!  First we made several different aiplanes and also used a paper towel plane we made last year to have an airplane race!  I had Will make a hypothesis about which plane he thought would go the fastest.  Here are the planes we made and directions:

1.  Paper Airplane:  We folded several sheets of paper and cardstock into different plane shapes.  Pretty self explanatory.
2.  Straw Hoop Airplane:  Cut an index card into 3 long strips.  Take 2 strips and tape them together,with the ends overlapping in a circle.  Take the 3rd piece and loop that around, taping the edges overlapped just a bit.  Tape both loops (one big, one small) and tape them to the straw.
3.  Paper Towel Airplane

We threw the planes inside and outside to see if that affected their flight as well.  Will guessed that the paper planes would go the furthest.

 After experiementing with the airplanes, we moved on to a rocket launcher craft  (pictured above) I saw here.  Will and Zack LOVED this craft!

(2) 2 liter bottles
Hot Glue Gun
Tin Foil
Piece of cardboard
Red, Yellow, and Orange Construction Paper

1. Cover the 2 liter bottles with tin foil.

2.  Cut the construction paper into long strips and tape them together.
3.  Glue the strips inside the bottles to create “flames”.

4.  Glue them together and then glue them onto the piece of cardboard.

5.  Poke holes in the cardboard to put the yarn thru the cardboard.  You can measure the yarn to fit your child’s back and shoulders, or just make it long enough for you to try each time. 

I hope your child enjoys these activities as much as we did!

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