Kids Frugal Fun: Preschool Summer Activities

summer preschool activities

It’s SUMMER!  I am so excited because this is my all time favorite season!  My kids and I always have so much fun because we have the beach close by and also Ocean Breeze Waterpark. But not everyone lives near a beach-so what you’re left wondering, “What are some preschool summer activities?”  Here is a little list of crafts and ideas you can do:

Last year the boys and I made a Summer Bucket List and really enjoyed completing each activity.  We plan on making another one this year!

If you’re local you can check out my post on Virginia Beach Things To Do

Patriotic Picnic Decor–Everyone wants something cute for 4th of July right?!

Make Rainbow Rice-Perfect activity for a rainy day!

Make Toilet Paper Monsters-Have a play at the park or at home using your child’s imagination!

Make Edible Pirate Ships-YUM! Who doesn’t love ice cream during the summer?

Create Rocket Boosters from Soda Bottles-My sons love to run around the yard and park with these “boosters” on!

Watermelon Math-Watermelon is one of my family’s favorite fruits to enjoy during the summer-why not learn with it too?

Ice Cream in A Bag-Again, who doesn’t love ice cream during the summer?!

Toilet Paper Fireworks-A nice way to get ready for 4th of July!

Homemade Sunglasses-Your future’s so bright, you gotta wear shades!

Calming Bottle-Tempers can flare up more frequently in the summer so this bottle can help.

Watermelon Learning-Another watermelon craft; this one adds some music to your summer!

Beach Art-Even if you don’t live near the beach, you can still create your own little beach.

Learning With Ice Cream-Take a favorite treat and incorporate some learning!

Make a Bird Feeder-Have fun creating this feeder and introduce your child to birds at the same time!

Make Homemade Bubbles!-What kid doesn’t love bubbles?

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