Kids Frugal Fun-Popsicle Puzzles For Valentine’s Day


Each week I bring you a craft that can be done with or for your children that is fun, educational, and frugal!  January 29th is National Puzzle Day and since Valentine’s Day gifts are on everyone’s minds, I have combined the 2 holidays!  Plus, after googling puzzles and finding these simple and cute popsicle puzzles all over the place, I just had to share them! If you have missed past crafts, you can visit them on my Kids Frugal Fun page!

Popsicle Puzzle Making

Popsicle Sticks
Modge Podge (or I’ve been told Elmer’s Glue and Water works just as well)
Photo/Image of choice
Scissors or Craft Knife


1.  Cut image of your child’s choice to desired size.
2.  Lay picture down and line up popsicle sticks beside it to ensure you have the correct number of sticks.

3.  Line the sticks in a row and tape them down on your work space (I used a plastic grocery bag to avoid messes).
4.  Apply Modge Podge on the back of the photo/image and glue it to the sticks.  Allow to dry.

5. Flip sticks and image over and apply adhesive to the entire back of the sticks. Allow to dry.
6.  Using sharp scissors or craft knife, cut the sticks apart.
7. Apply Modge Podge to the front of each individual stick (this will prolong their life in the hands of toddlers).  Allow to dry.


Valentine Gift Tags:

I created the tags on Print Shop using an image I found on the internet.  Then I cut red circles from card stock and attached the tags to them.  Simple! Then we put the the sticks in the goody bags and punched a hole in the tags to attach them to the baggies. We will also add some candy in the bags when we finish them!

Note:  You can also tape down the popsicle sticks and have your child color their own picture (depending on their skill level).

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Educational Activities
Puzzles provide an amazing number of benefits for your child that include increasing problem solving skills and small muscle development, improving memory skills, developing eye and hand coordination, and helping children learn to sort and classify. Here are a few other ideas to make these puzzles even more educational!

  • Language Arts: 1.   Label each stick with letters of the alphabet to help your child complete the puzzle AND learn their ABC’s.  2.  Search the internet for images of characters from your child’s favorite book.  Read the book and then have them put together the puzzle.  3.  Have your child cut an image from a magazine, create the puzzle, and then create a story about the image.
  • Math:  Label each stick with numbers 1-10.  As your child completes the puzzle, they will have to put the numbers in order as well. 
  • Science:  Gather magnets together and explore them with your child. Discuss how they function, common uses for them, how they attract or repel to one another.  Then attach the magnets to the back of the popsicle sticks and then your child can complete puzzles on the fridge while you cook dinner!


*If you don’t want popsicle puzzles, you can also purchase blank traditional puzzles and add your images to those as well.

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    What a wonderful idea! I definitely need to get some modge podge and try this! My preschoolers and toddlers will all love it! Thank you so much for linking up to Teach Me Tuesday — I hope we see you again in a few days!


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