Kids Frugal Fun: Homemade Valentines- Candy Trains and Rocket

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Homemade Valentines:  Candy Trains and Candy Rocket


Each week I bring you a craft that is fun and frugal. With Valentine’s Day sneaking up quick, I will be focusing on these crafts for the next month!

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Just a side note, I laminateas much as I can when doing crafts…it really helps to preserve them.

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Tube of candy (or lifesaver roll)
6 round candies (lifesavers or mints)
1 Hershey Kiss
4 square candy containers (we used 2 pez rolls and 2 candy sticks)
Hot Glue Gun
1 small box of Nerds (or other boxed candy)

1.  Glue the 4 square containers of candy together to form the base of the train.
2.  Glue your tube of candy (we used tubes of M&M’s) on top of the base.
3.  Glue 4 of the round candies onto the base for “wheels”.
4.  Glue the other 2 round candies on one end of the “train” and then glue the Nerds on top of them.
5.  Glue the Hershey Kiss upside down on the other end of the “train”.
6.  Add your Valentine Message.

While creating this train, my boys asked if they could also create a could I say no?

candy rocket

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