Kids Frugal Fun-Hand & Foot Print Angel

Each week I bring you a craft that is fun, educational, and frugal! With Christmas a week and a half away, I thought everyone could use an angel in the house!

Construction paper
Toilet Paper roll


1.  Trace your child’s hands on a sheet of paper and cut them out; save the excess paper.
2.  Trace your child’s foot on a sheet of paper and cut out; save the excess paper.
3.  Glue the shapes onto the toilet paper roll to form your angel’s body and wings.
4.  Use the excess paper and “ball it up” to create the angel’s head.  Tape or glue it on top.
5.  Add glitter if you would like a shiny angel!

Note:  I did this craft last Christmas but instead I glued the footprint and handprints onto paper and cut a picture of my son in a circle for the head. That turned out very cute as well.

Educational Activties:

    • Math:  Trace your child’s foot several times and cut the shapes out.  Use the footprints to demonstrate nonstandard measurement and have fun measuring items around the house!
    • Language Arts: Read the book The Snow Angel.  Discuss the main characters and other story elements.
    • Science:  Discuss recycling (using the toilet paper roll) and not wasting materials (using the scrap paper to create the angel’s head) and the importance of doing these 2 things to help the planet.


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