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Each week I bring you a kids craft that is fun, educational, and frugal. Dr. Seuss’s birthday is March 2nd and my son really loves these popular books.  I always had a great time incorporating this day in my classroom and am really excited to now get to do Seuss themed crafts with my children.  For the picture frame above, I simply took pictures of the boys reading and then added a Dr. Seuss quote at the top and the word “READ” at the bottom.  If you’ve missed any previous crafts, check out Momondealz’s Kids Frugal Fun page. If you enjoy my crafts, please be sure to share them on Pinterest!

One Fish, Two Fish Hand Print Fish

Construction paper


1.  Paint your child’s hand and have them put their prints all over the paper.  We did a red fish and blue fish in reference to the book and my 3 year old also insisted on a yellow fish!

2.  Add eyes and a mouth to your fish.  Then add anything else your child would like.  Will wanted our fish to have bubbles but you could add stars or hats to the fish to coincide with the book.

Educational Activites:  Instead of giving you different ideas for school subjects, I thought it would be more fun to give you different crafts for Dr. Seuss books.

  • One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish:  Divide a piece of paper into 8 squares and put random numbers in each square.  Give your child goldfish and have them put the correct number of fish in each square.


  •  Green Eggs and Ham-Create crafts from egg cartons like this Egg Carton Game or simply enjoy a lunch or dinner of green eggs and ham! 
  • The Foot Book -Trace your child’s foot onto paper and cut it out. Use to “measure” things around the house.  This is a great way to teach nonstandard measurement.
  • Dr. Seuss’s ABC-Make an ABC book with your child.  Have your child illustrate things around the house that start with each letter or they can cut pictures out of magazines for each letter.
  • The Lorax -Discuss with your child the ways to protect the Earth including recycling and reusing materials.  Complete a craft using materials around the home such as this Paper Towel Plane!

 I originally saw the fish handprint craft here.

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